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Here at Good Travel Management, we understand the current Covid-19 pandemic will result in people`s responsibilities within the workplace changing. For example, regarding booking travel, your regular appointed travel booker may be tasked with other short-term responsibilities during this period. This means, if you were previously reliant on others bookings travel for you, you as the traveller will have to book and organise your own trips for the moment.

With real-time travel information, updates and guidelines changing by the minute, we wanted to provide you with 7 key tips if you’re new to booking Business Travel, helping you to book with confidence. Let’s take a look…


#1 – Travel Policy

Make sure you check your organisations Business Travel Policy to ensure you are up to speed on any recent policy amendments due to the Covid-19 pandemic. During this uncertain period, your policy guidelines may ask you to review if your booking is permissible and necessary or if the same outcome could be achieved via a virtual call/meeting? Subject to the location of the trip, your policy may require the journey to be completed by car opposed to flying or taking public transport.

Don’t have a policy in place? No problem! our Good Travel Management Account Managers are available to set up a virtual call to consult on the work we`ve done with our clients on making their policies fit for a world including Covid-19.


#2 – Book everything in one place

Businesses are placing increased priority on their employee’s safety and welfare at present. In addition to booking your flights and accommodation, also book extras such as Airport Car Parking, Car Hire, Fast Track Security though your appointed business travel agency. Good Travel Management even go one step further by providing you with access to Traveller PPE kits. Using a Travel Management Company such as ourselves to book your whole trip from start to finish, means you can also track and report this to your company, in line with Duty of Care requirements, all part of our end to end services.


#3 – Book Flexible rates/fares

When booking your next trip, make sure you book flexible fares/rates which allow you to amend and/or cancel your booking for a fee. Plans and restrictions are likely to be a little unpredictable for a few months so it’s better value to go for a slightly higher priced ticket/rate which can be amended as compared to a cheaper fare that you cannot do anything with should things change. Your Good Travel Management consultant will always consult on a range of fares/rates, from the cheapest and non-changeable to a slightly higher but flexible option.


#4 Information is Key

If you are new to booking travel, don’t spend lots of time on the internet trying to pull together the latest info on country entry requirements, health restrictions as well as measures introduced by airlines/hotels. Good Travel Management has established reliable and current information sources so that our consultants can quickly access the information and provide it to our clients during the booking stage in multiple forms, throughout the travel booking process, from travel enquiry to confirmation.


#5 Ensuring you book with Travel suppliers with new safety standards in place.

Whilst we live in this new era of increased sanitation and safety, to protect you and the colleague you book for, make sure you book with Airlines, hotels, rail operators and car hire companies adhering to newly introduced hygiene initiatives in place. Good Travel Management have been working with a range of travel suppliers to ensure our clients have access to this information when booking. We`re also setting alerts in our online booking tool to highlight which Hotels adhere to such standards when our clients use our booking technology to make reservations. For information about traveller safety during COVID, please see our creating a travel “Bubble” update


#6 Keep in the know of any disruptions

Ensure you sign up to your Travel Management Company`s travel alerts where you will receive the latest Business Travel updates. Including strike information, weather disruptions or anything else affecting business travel.


#7 Update your Travel Profile

Before booking your next business travel trip, ensure you`ve updated your Travel Profile held with your Travel Management Company. In a world where organisational risk management policy’s and processes are more import than ever during Covid-19, the traveller profile form can store your key emergency contact information of family members and loved ones who would need to be contacted in an emergency. This information can be accessed securely 24-hours a day by your TMC. Thereby in an emergency, communication can be effectively managed with secure access your emergency contact details including mobile numbers, relationship status with traveller and addresses info. Please speak to your dedicated reservations team here at GTM to discuss updating your travel profile.

Is there anything specific you want to know if you’re new to booking business travel? Or are you a new business, stepping into the world of travelling for the first time? We’re here to help just leave us a comment in the box below or get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!


Traveller Checklist Business Travel Post Covid 19