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The Covid-19 Pandemic continues to affect the travel plans for many of our corporate clients, some of these we continue to document within our series the complexities of Business Travel.  One of these challenges being Travel Restrictions.

Despite the restrictions on travelling outside of the UK currently, certain industry sectors and job roles do have exemptions from the current traffic light system that is in place and pretty much prevents 99% of destinations being a realistic proposition to travel to, either for business or on holiday.

The government website provides you with a lot more detail of what roles, and the associated guidance surrounding this, however, that does not tell the whole picture. Even if you can travel, air services, hotels, rail operators and the whole travel infrastructure has been in upheaval this last 15 months, so what you thought would be straightforward before may not be as easy now.

Our consultants spend detailed time consulting with clients on how to manage the logistics of people movement when there is ongoing change and planning required. Gone are the days of just a ‘click and go’ for travelling on business!

Some of the industry sectors that are currently travelling include:

Aerospace, Journalism, Transport, Elite Sportspersons, Marine and Oil & Gas employees, ship’s crew, Telecoms, amongst others. The full list is available HERE:

Many of these sectors also have airfares and hotel rates dedicated to them, such as Marine and Offshore or group fares for sports travel. Beneficially, these are often far more flexible than public fares and website rates, and only available through specialist travel management companies.

Our Travel Guidance Hub is the ideal place to get resources and information on travelling currently, whether in specialist sectors who can travel now, or when planning for when you can start to travel for business.

You can contact Good Travel Management via the following means: 


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Or contact us via our webchat facility.

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