Complexities of Business Travel

The Covid-19 Pandemic has brought many a disruption to both leisure and Business Travel since 2020. Challenges faced by the travelling community which we continue to document within our series the complexities of Business Travelpresent reoccurring queries for many a seasoned road warrior.

One of the challenges faced during this global pandemic is the reduction of flight schedules. Airports which would normally have hundreds of flights landing and taking off daily have seen a significant reduction in airport traffic. Airlines have grounded a high proportion of their fleets due to the low demands faced by travel restrictions around the world as well as reacting to the changes of government restrictions. This means that flight options in the current climate can be very few and far between for certain destinations.

For example, certain airlines have had to dramatically reduce their schedules such as London Heathrow to New York. One airline is currently operating a single direct flight a day, previously this route would have seen 11 flights operating daily, so the schedule has dramatically decreased. Some routes have been temporarily suspended entirely, leaving many organisations who are still travelling having to find themselves factoring in additional travel time and costs to take flights from alternative airports. This has been apparent with some of our clients who would have normally used their local airport but with all flights suspended, travellers are having to make their way to other regional airports to meet their original connection.

At Good Travel Management we have the tools and expertise to investigate a wide range of alternatives along with access to live announcements of when airline routes will be returning to a normal schedule. Our experienced consultants will offer all available alternatives to assist in ensuring key worker travellers arrive at their destination, as well as keeping them up to date with any government entry guidelines and requirements. Should it be a change of airline, transiting via another airport or amending the dates slightly, our experienced Business Travel Agents have it covered and are there to help.

Is your organisation facing the above challenges as you make the start to travel again for business in 2021? If so, the only way to manage the above challenges/problems effectively and efficiently whilst knowing your employees are not only safe but well equipped to travel with the correct documentation is to speak to the experts.

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