Complexities of Business Travel – Your Challenges #2 How long do I need to self- isolate when I return from my trip?

One of the many changing elements of business travel during a global pandemic are the testing and quarantine measures which sit in place before, during and after a return from international travel.

The UK has previously had “travel corridors” in place with a small number of worldwide destinations until just last week, however, this arrangement changed suddenly meaning travellers could be faced with new restrictions when returning to the UK, our future emergency and key worker status business travel was suddenly disrupted. A travel corridor enabled a traveller to return without having to self-isolate, however, since their withdrawal there is a lot more to consider and many do have to.

You may be thinking, you can’t travel at all, and certainly for most people that is correct. But there are some industry sectors that remain key to the economy and people movement is an essential part of it, so you need to know what to do. It’s a constantly changing environment and we are back at the whole issue of ‘Complexity’. For our customers, we constantly keep up to date on the latest restrictions, and if you had travel plans in place, we review them with you carefully to ensure you are well briefed on what to do next. When planning any essential business travel our expert teams check the restrictions and give guidance pre-departure, in-country and what is needed to safely return home and whether you need testing or to self-isolate. We notify you if this changes and work with you to minimise the cost impact of change.

It isn’t always known that some travellers are also exempt from testing and self-isolation rules due to the field of work they operate in, such as Advertising productions, Aerospace engineers, Marine and Offshore and many more. These job roles specified by the UK Government, qualify people for exemptions from completing the passenger locator form or self-isolating, or both. Should you have any queries for your own travel plans, your business travel consultant will be able to help to guide you through a complex world of travel.

Is your organisation facing the above challenges as you either need to travel or plan for when business travel returns? If so then you need someone to guide you effectively and efficiently whilst knowing your employees are not only safe but well equipped to travel with the correct documentation. It’s time to speak to the experts.

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