Here at Good Travel Management, we understand that people will have mixed emotions about travelling again for business as Covid-19 travel and lock down restrictions ease across the world. We want to make sure that you have all the information and support you need so that you can travel with confidence when you are ready to do so.

Just one of the many measures we’ve put in place is to create a traveller “Checklist” to ensure you get all the advice and information you need when considering booking or embarking on travel. We’ve also included suggestions on items you should have with you during your trip to ensure your travel bubble is as safe as possible.

The checklist can be downloaded here but some of the key points include:

#1 Go Flexible

Consider booking a more flexible fare/rate than you normally would. One that allows you to amend and/or cancel your booking for a fee. Plans and restrictions are likely to be a little unpredictable for a few months so it’s probably better value to go for a slightly higher priced ticket/rate than can be amended as compared to a cheaper fare that you can’t do anything with should things change. Your Good Travel Management consultant will always offer you a range of fares/rates, from the cheapest and non-changeable, to a slightly higher but flexible option.

#2 Avoid Public Transport to get to/from Airports

If you have access to your own/or a Hire Car, why not drive to the Airport? not only will it save the risks associated with public transport, but you can arrive in good time to beat the extra queues in security and check-in.

No car? consider a private transfer! Just ask your dedicated GTM business travel consultant for more information.

#3 Carry the correct PPE

Ensuring you have the correct PPE not only for your Airline, but your chosen destination too is key to ensuring safe and smooth travel post-Covid-19. Good Travel Management can advise on what you need in place.

Fully tested and certified Traveller PPE & Hygiene Kits can be purchased by clicking the following link:

By using our special link you’ll receive an automatic 10% discount at checkout. Alternatively, use discount code GOOD10 in the basket option for the discount to be applied.

#4 Stay at the Airport the night before you fly

As touched upon above, many airlines have increased the length of their check-in times to compensate for longer queues at the airport, especially through security etc. If you have an early morning flight it might be worth considering booking a hotel the night before – your Travel Management Company can arrange this for you, informing you of the hotels that have strict Hygiene measures in place also.

#5 Book Fast-Track Security at the Airport

Fast-Track is an option that can be purchased through your Travel Management Company in advance of your trip. Fast-Track gives you access to the fast lane through airport security, helping you to avoid lengthy queues.

#6 Use electronic tickets and online check-in where possible

It’s possible to have e-tickets for most of the Air and U.K. Rail journeys, with some of the larger hotel chains now allowing business travellers to check-in online as well, as always Good Travel Management can help with this process so speak with your business travel agent for more information.

Top Tip – Make sure you carry your own pen! Just in case you need to sign any travel documentation such as Car Rental agreements, hotel check-in forms.

#7 Make sure you have a copy of your organisation’s travel and medical insurance policy

Keeping a copy of your companies travel and medical insurance policy may be handy in an emergency situation. Just make sure the documentation contains any emergency contacts you may need including Travel Manager, Line Manager and Human Resource teams.

#8 Book any extras (Airport Parking, Fast-Track, Car hire etc.) through your dedicated Travel Management Company

O.K. so as a Travel Management Company ourselves, we will always stress the importance of using a dedicated Business Travel Agency to book not only your main travel but ancillary products such as car hire, fast track etc. But there are always a number of reasons why it’s worth doing not just post Covid-19:

  1. You’re not visiting multiple websites to book each individual item everything is in one central place.
  2. In having everything in a central place as Travel Management Company such as ourselves can see the whole trip, meaning we can support our clients from door-to-door.
  3. The centralisation also means TMC’s can report on the whole trip to your employer/organisation supporting Business Travellers from start to finish. Also, time-consuming jobs such as expense reconciliation, reporting and claiming, can be taken care of within expense management tools.
  4. Business Travellers can also take advantage of discounted rates obtained by Good Travel Management

Within our FREE Downloadable checklist there are over 40 actions to take and consider from the initial thought process of booking travel, to actually booking your trip as well as throughout the journey itself.

Post Covid-19 Your Free Traveller Checklist

All travel providers are introducing new hygiene and cleanliness measures to give both leisure and business travellers the confidence to travel again. Safety of travellers, and their own employees, is their top priority at all times.

Good Travel Management are in constant contact with all travel suppliers to monitor their response to Covid-19 and it’s our job as your Travel Management Company to provide as much information as you need to travel safely with confidence. You can read about the measures we have put in place in the 2nd part of this blog here “Part 2- What GTM do to create and maintain your travel bubble”

If you have any concerns about travelling for business then please speak to your Manager, H.R. Department or Travel Manager. They are there to support you and it goes without saying that you can always speak to your dedicated Travel Management Company.

The key things to remember are:

  • Forward plan – Travel to and from the airport safely, minimising queuing times.
  • Facts – within your forward planning, make sure you have all the information you need on health and/or travel restrictions including what PPE you may need to take.
  • Flexibility – try to use fares, rates and suppliers that include the ability to amend or cancel your plans with little notice, they not only provide better value but reduce the hassle should your plans change last minute.

Traveller Checklist Business Travel Post Covid 19