Traveller Risk Management

Show duty of care to your employees by supporting them every step of the way

It is vitally important that all businesses, small and large, have robust procedures in place to protect their employees from potential risks both in the UK and abroad, but how do you know if you’re doing enough? GT Assist includes all the essentials a business with travelling employees needs to fulfil its duty of care responsibilities. Knowing Good Travel Management has all this taken care of gives our customers peace of mind that their travellers are supported 24 hours a day.

Wondering how to fulfil your duty of care responsibilities?

Can you quickly locate all your current travellers?

GT Safeguard connects you with your travellers and ensures you can instantly locate all of your employees in the event of a crisis. Powered by GPS (Global Positioning System), GT Safeguard maps current risks with traveller locations so you can immediately identify and communicate with at-risk employees.

The useful mobile app gives travellers the latest country information, emergency contact numbers, travel alerts and even SOS functionality should a traveller need urgent immediate support.

Do you know how to support your travellers if they are affected by a crisis?

Our crisis management service provides the reassurance travellers, their family and their employers need when they’ve been affected by a crisis. We quickly locate any travellers that could be affected, define a plan to get them home and keep everyone informed on our progress and the traveller’s wellbeing.

How do you ensure your travellers are adequately prepared before and during travel?

Our disruption and risk alerts advise travellers and travel bookers of any events that could affect a traveller before and during their trip. Sent by email, our alerts cover any events, risks or policy changes that could affect travellers including; strike action, travel advice changes, security incidents, updates to passport and visa requirements and travel delays or cancellations. Arming travellers with this information before and during travel keeps travellers informed and better prepared.

Do your employees have access to 24/7 support?

Our team is on hand, 24 hours a day, every day of the year to provide support to your travellers whenever they need it. From minor issues to emergency support, our experienced consultants will give travellers the assistance and reassurance they need when they’re away from home.

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