Understanding Travel Expenditure

Understand your current travel spend and make data-driven decisions to drive your business travel policy

From money spent to savings missed, preferred suppliers and buying behaviour, our interactive reports make it easy to keep tabs on how your business travel programme is performing so you can spot trends, identify problems and find out how to improve.

Our interactive reports give you the insight you need to make better business travel decisions

Generating reports is time-consuming, gathering the data from all the different sources, compiling and calculating – finding out something’s not quite right and trying to fix it. With GT Analytics you don’t need to worry. Our automated reporting system finds all the data and will do the calculations for you, giving you direct access to reports, so you can access your data instantly whenever you need to.

View insights at a glance

Customise your dashboard to easily access the information most important to you and get a snapshot of your reports in real-time.

GT Analytics, provides all-in-one multiple dashboards, using easy to read travel spend reports, in a one-page summary to track spend for various departments, locations, projects, or specific employees.

Your favourite dashboards and travel reports can be organised into different folders allowing you to quickly keep track of real-time and historical travel expenditure.

Comprehensive Drill Down

A headline report can be great, but understanding the details within gives you a much deeper understanding of your data. By drilling down to see the individual elements that make up your reports you can understand how each booking impacts the overall picture – empowering you to take action and drive change.

Data Export

Exporting your reports into both CSV and Excel formats allows you to analyse data outside of GT Analytics. You can also select the data fields you’re interested in and customise the export to your requirements. This flexibility gives you greater freedom in how you use the reports.

Time-saving features for constructing and exporting bespoke reports means a ‘Select all data field’ function enables you to choose all required travel data fields requirements at once, as opposed to selecting each piece of data individually. Or, if you prefer you can isolate particular data fields from within Analytics when putting your report together so you can concentrate on just the info you need.  Even better, you can re-order the fields for your report within Analytics before your data is exported to Excel/CSV. 

Real-time information

No more delays while data gets compiled, processed and turned into reports. We don’t think you should be waiting minutes, let alone hours to access your data, so our SLAs are for 7 seconds for any report run. GT Analytics means you will have a real-time view of how your travel programme is performing.

Data Publisher

GT Analytics is delivered with a standard library of 40 reports with criteria that can be adjusted to create thousands of combinations of reports. There is also the ability to compile branded report packs with DataPublisher when preparing your internal travel report for business stakeholders.

Data publisher is a great way of storytelling to share insights clearly. A new feature is the host of new layouts which are available in Data Publisher providing you with different design structures to personalise your reports.

Other popular features


Benchmarking allows you to look at your costs against industry, market or account averages, so you’ll always know if you’re spending more or less than the average.

Share Data

Share visual data with colleagues at the click of a button without giving them access to the system.

Insurance Reporting

We make what can be a difficult task easy by providing an activity report you can give straight to your insurer when your renewal is due each year.

Isolating re-booking costs

During the CV-19 pandemic, there will have been an increased chance that your organisations business travel plans will have been impacted by rebooking flights due to flight cancellations and newly introduced quarantine/isolation measures restricting some travellers from getting to their destination.
GT Analytics enables you to ‘include or exclude’ exchange tickets when building reports, so you can understand the financial impact of amended travel plans first-hand against certain projects or travel spend in general.

Accommodation reports by specific city or town

When running hotel reports from GT Analytics to help you understand average hotel rates or lodging costs associated with certain locations for projects; you can now run easy to understand graphical reports by specific city or town, in addition to reports available by country or airport location to understand your hotel expenditure and data.

Report previews

GT Analytics includes a new report preview function that gives you a snapshot of the report you are looking for. This means you can preview and edit your report before drilling down into the data and exporting your report to CSV, excel, or sharing with a colleague securely via Datashare.

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UK Fisheries
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UK Fisheries
Good Travel Management have provided a cost-effective solution to maintain and control rising airfares cost and assist in the emergency and rebooking of crew members
Vessel Operations, UK Fisheries
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We chose Good Travel Management because they understood our business’ strategic objectives and how the business travel strategy could help us achieve them. They’re proactive and always coming up with innovative ways to improve value for money and control costs.
Travel Manager, Portakabin
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Good Travel Management provide a means of booking and controlling travel costs with the backing of real-time analytical data to monitor and review our travel expenditure
Rhian Richards, Commercial/Business Management
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Good Travel Management went to considerable efforts to ensure a smooth implementation and transition from a position of having multiple travel management companies and direct bookings, to an integrated online platform, cytric, which is used by thyssenkrupp worldwide. We then have the benefit of their expertise brought by the offline team at Good Travel Management coupled with our in-house travel technology available to all UK employees.
Hans Lehrburger, European Travel Management
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The Good Travel Management team have allowed Kepi International Solutions Ltd to concentrate on delivering our core business, secure in the knowledge that we are obtaining a first class service at competitive rates.
Su Gorbutt, Office Manager
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PWA Testimonial
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Peter Walker Associates Ltd
Thank you for your kind previous advice regarding my flight, it gives me the opportunity to reassess my options. I want you all to know how much I appreciate Good Travel Management looking after us and the advice and support you give to us during this difficult time.
Peter Walker, Director at Peter Walker Associates Ltd
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Kingspan Ltd
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Kingspan Ltd
I have recommended Good Travel Management to a friend who currently travels for Business, I wouldn’t have recommended you if you weren’t the best! The team are fantastic to work with.
EA to the Directors
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