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In our recent Covid-19 customer survey many respondents said they’d keep a close eye on when other companies started to travel again as a guide for their own intentions. To assist with this, we’ve put together a brief overview of where our clients have been travelling to during July and August 2020 along with some feedback from travellers on their experiences. 

The map below shows the most popular destinations for our clients during July and August: 

July Aug Travel Report Map 2020

As you can see, Europe was the main travel area used and that makes sense as most of the easing of restrictions was introduced by the U.K. and European countries in early July. The map does show travel to countries that still have general restrictions in place but this reflects trips undertaken by some of our clients that are exempt due to being key workers or working in essential sectors such as Marine, Oil and Gas, engineering etc. 

Changes to the requirements on quarantine, for certain destinations, has made people more wary of travelling to some countries. We proactively provide information on restrictions, details on countries likely to be added to the quarantine list in the near future and suggest shorter trips before decisions are made, so that travellers can make a fully informed decision as to travel or not. 

We have seen an increase in the number of travellers booking tickets at fare levels that allow more flexibility to change or cancel, and/or provide more space on the aircraft or lounge access to make social distancing a little easier to maintain. 

With regards to what the travel experience is like, at the moment, it is very much a mixed bag and the feedback we’ve received includes: 

Airports very busy with hardly any social distancing – some people wearing face masks but not everyone. Flight from Amsterdam not very busy but all passengers were grouped together on the flight. Restaurants in airports were fine, people were social distancing.”
found airports easier to navigate as there are far fewer people travelling. I have also found extra space available on planes which is a welcomed change. The only difference personally is that I have had to wear a mask which is becoming normal. Airport shops, restaurants and bars are now back open which has normalised things too. 
Trip has gone very well under the circumstances. The only real downsides are lack of airport facilities and wearing a mask for the whole journey.”
Anyone getting onto the plane with just a scarf/face covering were being given surgical masks (Just normal face coverings were not allowed) and during the flight, if people did not have their masks on properly over their nose they were being told to wear it properly by the crew. 
On the plane, they give you a bottle of water only, no magazines or food on the aircraft and the captain gives instructions to keep face masks on and then air stewards enforce it too. Disembarking is by rows, you can’t just get up, they tell you off!”


Throughout July and August, we’ve found that more people are wanting to travel and are also making future enquiries and bookings for countries and areas that are yet to lift restrictions such as the U.S., Canada, and Australia. 

With the constant changes to restrictions and guidance regarding travel, it’s never been more important to travellers to have all of the information and support they need so they can travel safely, and with confidence, when they’re ready to do so. We’ve created several resources to assist help with this including our Covid-19 Business Travel Checklist featured within our dedicated Covid-19 Business Travel Guidance Hub

Additionally, we proactively provide our clients with guidance and advice during all stages of the trip including the booking process, whilst you’re away, and on your return. 

We appreciate not everyone is ready to travel just yet, but when you are, we’re here to make the whole experience a lot easier. 

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