In our recent Covid-19 customer survey many respondents said they’d keep a close eye on when other companies started to travel again as a guide for their own intentions. To assist with this, we’ve put together a brief overview of where our clients have been travelling to during September 2020 along with some feedback on the travel experience at the moment.

The map below shows the most popular destinations for our clients during September 2020:

Good Travel Management COVID-19 Business Travel Report – September 2020

As was the case during July/August, Europe was again the main travel area used but we also saw an increase in the number of trips to points outside of Europe. Those journeys where, in the main, taken by clients that are exempt to general travel restrictions in place due to them working in essential sectors such as Offshore industries, engineering and renewables. We had several clients who obtained the necessary documentation required to travel to the U.S.A. so that they could service, or install, equipment for their customers.

During the month we saw more countries being added to, or in a few cases being removed from, the list of those requiring a 14 day quarantine period when returning to the U.K. Changes to the travel restrictions change on a weekly, if not daily, basis but be assured that we proactively provide information and advice, before and during the trip, to ensure travellers can make an informed decision on whether to travel or not and also that they are safe if they do decide to travel.

We have seen an upturn in the number of travellers pre-booking services such as Airport Car Parking and Airport Security Fast Track to make their travel experience less stressful.

We continue to contact our clients when they return from their travels so that we can collate feedback and tips, based on their experiences, that help us ensure that the services and solutions we offer make travelling as easy as possible.

Feedback is still a mixed bag, but we can see that airports, airlines and all travel suppliers are becoming more adept at working within the restrictions and guidelines imposed at the moment:

“on flights from Odessa to Istanbul and back was no place between passengers, and everybody wearing masks.”

“Things went smooth with no problems, I felt safe travelling and everyone seemed to be obeying the Covid safety rules (Masks, Social Distance when possible and regular Hand Sanitizing ).Yes, things take a little longer as normal, which is to be expected but there was no delay to the departure time.  I would have no concerns about travelling again in the future.”

“some better signage for one-way systems or someone to point travellers in the right directions for working escalators would have helped”

“We were only temperature tested on entering the airports either end. The plane was very empty, so we were spread out, the cold food was not very good. We filled in no forms as obviously, they knew who we were and had contact details through the booking. The mask-wearing was ok tbh we were allowed to take off to eat and drink. But on the whole not too bad an experience”.

“Transit was very fast and even faster than before this Corona19.”

During September, we’ve seen an increase in people willing to travel and planning potential trips for later this year/early next year to take advantage of lower fares with fewer restrictions being made available.

As we move into October Coronavirus cases have started to increase in all areas and we expect to see constant changes to restrictions and potentially the introduction of testing regimes to reduce quarantine restrictions etc. It’s never been more important for travellers to have all of the information, advice and support they need so they can travel safely, and confidently when they’re ready to do so. We’ve created several resources to assist with this and they feature on our dedicated Covid-19 Business Travel Guidance Hub.

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