Business Travellers have always had to adapt to disruptions to their travel plans due to adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, security incidents and geopolitical situations. During 2020, the world has faced the challenge of Covid-19 and travel plans, along with many other areas of life, have been subject to disruption/change, often with little or no notice.

Travel Management Companies demonstrate their proven value in supporting travellers and businesses alike concerning rebooking travel plans and risk management support in the shadow of travel disruptions.

For some organisations, the invention of the Internet in the same timeline has offered a “Do it yourself “solution to booking travel directly online. In this 2-part series, Andy Sison, Strategic Account Manager here at Good Travel Management, discusses the many benefits a Travel Management Company can offer, as opposed to booking directly through the internet – especially in the event of a crisis.

Unclear travellers seek out definitive and quick answers

For many, Covid-19 has meant the need to change and cancel travel plans and booking directly online using third-party travel booking sites can be a protracted and complex process. For example, if you`ve booked with an array of airlines, your trip cannot be adjusted or cancelled on the internet itself with travellers having to contact the differing airlines to make changes, having to wait in the queue to speak to someone who will be unfamiliar with your travel program.

With a good Travel Management Company, there`s no queuing involved when wanting to speak to someone. Your dedicated business travel team will act as an extension of your own organisation by calmly communicating advice with regards to re-planning your trip, all within the boundaries of your travel program to which they are well versed.

During Covid-19, travellers have sought more direct communication and definitive answers regarding travel plans. Businesses who have booked with a TMC will have benefited from a streamlined communication process including the ability to proactively hold flights for rescheduled trips, receive updates on latest refund status as well as receiving market intelligence on travelling safely in the Covid-19 travel landscape.

TMC`s will save you time by using their expertise to do the complex work for you

The pandemic has created a whole new list of questions you need to know when travelling. When do I have to self-isolate? Where can I travel to? When do I need a passenger locator form? Who is on the travel corridor list? Stop! Working with a TMC can save you precious time eradicating the need to spend hours searching for the answers online or asking a colleague for the latest answers to these fluid questions which are changing daily. TMC`s continue to support their client partners who still need to travel and businesses can tap into their TMC partners knowledge on travelling safely within guidelines which not only saves you time researching the info, but you can get expert advice and intelligence.

For our Latest Business Travel FAQ’s relating to the current pandemic CLICK HERE

TMC`s assist you with your Duty of Care requirements

For organisations who travel for business, “Duty of care” obligations have never been more important than during the Covid-19 outbreak. A good Travel Management Company will notify you of any bookings requested to high-risk destinations to ensure travel is approved linked to any new approval processes introduced by your organisation for essential travel bookings. TMC`s will also assist in advising the traveller of any risk-mitigation strategies they should be aware of, along with the latest quarantine requirements for your destination. Traveller tracking and crisis management also means a TMC can provide you with real-time visibility of your employee’s whereabouts whilst travelling.

TMC`s proactively advise you of cancellations and delays linked to Covid-19

During the outbreak, there has been an increased chance that your business travel plans may be impacted by cancellations. Worry not, as a good TMC will proactively work with you to suggest alternative travel options should the destination you were travelling to be hit by travel restrictions or new quarantine measures- something the internet cannot do for you. Likewise, your TMC can help you apply for refunds and process any compensation claims which you may be entitled to on your behalf – taking the stress out of business travel.

TMC`s will be there for you 24/7

Let’s says its 10 pm local time in your destination on a Thursday night and you`ve just heard the country you are staying in is being removed from the current UK safe list as of next Monday. Unless you are an essential worker/key worker, there is a good chance you may have to quarantine upon arrival for a period of time, unless you can re-book your flights quickly and return home. If you`ve booked online, your options to amend your plans are not always that simple. To change a flight with an airline over the phone, it could take you a significant amount of time to get through especially in the event of an unforeseen incident. With a TMC’s 24-hour department, you can relax knowing you have 24-hour support to change your plans or even hold alternative travel options for you.

Above are just a few examples of the importance of business travel agents, demonstrating what Travel Management Companies can offer in supporting your travellers during a crisis and part 2, sees the benefits continued. To keep up to date with the latest advice on travelling safely throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, please check out Good Travel Management`s very own Covid Hub.

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Using a Travel Management Company has become even more crucial following the impact Covid-19 has had on international business travel and the travel industry as a whole. If you require help with your business travel requirements get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!


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