It has been reported that the UK government has added offshore oil and gas workers, a sector Good Travel Management specialise in servicing, to its list of essential workers, meaning they will not need to self-isolate if they have travelled to England in the course of their work and are required to start work within the usual 14-day self-isolation period.

Business Travel News reported that the changes applied to workers coming into England who are required to undertake or commence:

  • activities on or in relation to an offshore installation
  • activities on or in relation to upstream petroleum infrastructure
  • critical safety work on an offshore installation or wellbeing decommissioned or preserved pending demolition or reuse
  • activities for the provision of workers, goods, materials or equipment or other essential services required to support the safe operation of the activities referred to above

Workers within this category will be required to show a letter from their employer at the border which will need to include name and address, contact details of their employer and details of the work they will be undertaking.

Julie Ornsby, Good Travel Management’s Operations Director, commented on the recent changes “This recent development is very helpful as employees travelling in this sector originate from all corners of the globe and the marine and offshore sector is a vital economic activity in the UK. We have many clients working in this sector so it will help with the planning of safe travel and crew rotations. The logistics of moving these essential workers around the world as they undertake projects throughout the Covid-19 pandemic has been a complex operation for our specialist teams, so this news will mean our clients can continue essential works whilst also factoring in the safety of anyone travelling currently”

What it also means for these companies, is that the additional cost implications associated with the previous quarantine measures such as additional ground transportation, accommodation and the impact on traveller wellbeing of those workers who need to be isolated away from their families for longer can be managed more effectively.

Currently, as it stands today, the list of exempt professions includes diplomats, government contractors, seasonal agricultural workers and international elite sportspersons.

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