The travel landscape is ever-changing, but business travellers and the whole world alike did not expect the changes which Covid-19 would leave in its wake. The positive news is, that cases of Covid-19 are reducing around the world, with “Air Bridges” looking to be formed over the next few weeks. With this governmental reassurance that the skies are safe to fly in again, here’s what business travellers need to do before they next embark on their company trip abroad, taken from our Post Covid-19 Business Travel Checklist.

Even before the pandemic, it’s always been a Duty of Care norm that Business Travellers share copies of your itinerary with family, friends, or colleagues just so others are aware of where you’re supposed to be, and it’s ever more important in today’s climate.

Another great idea is to create a medical card/sheet showing any existing medical conditions you may have (including any allergies) whilst stating any medicines you’re taking, blood-type, doctors’ details, and emergency contact information. It’s also worth to make sure you have a copy of your organisation’s travel and medical insurance cover for whilst you are travelling and ensure they include any emergency contact numbers for both.

Make sure you have contact details for:

  • Your Travel Manager, H.R. Department, Line Manager including any “out-of-hours” numbers
  • Travel Management Company Office number
  • Travel Management Company Out of Hours contact number
  • Contact details for the people/organisation you are visiting at your destination


PPE is now the new norm, from Face coverings to gloves ensuring you know what you need to take before you travel will stand you in good stead when you arrive at your destination. Different countries have different approaches to Post COVID public health, so it’s always best to check with your Travel Management Company to see what you need to take.

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Being time conscientious is a given for seasoned business travellers but additional check-in time will need to be factored in before flights, as queues become longer with additional checks in place with airlines/airport security.

TOP- TIP Check-in online if possible, to alleviate additional delays.

As we all know, limiting the number of contact points you touch will reduce your risk of catching Covid-19. With this in mind, it’s a great idea for Business Travellers to carry their own pen to sign any travel documentation such as hotel check-in form, car rental agreements etc, lessening the risk further.

Many hotels are now putting strict hygiene measures in place to ensure guests rooms are thoroughly and more regularly cleaned to a high standard. But for extra reassurance why not pack a pair of socks or slippers to wear in the hotel room, not only will your socks act as a barrier for your feet acting as a safety option but you’ll feel comfier In the process too!

As a Travel Management Company, we know your first trip post-Covid-19 will not be as per it normally would have been. That’s why it’s important to have a TMC on board who will help to make your trip as risk-free as possible, providing you and your travels with as much information possible for everyone to travel safely and with confidence as we start to take to the skies again, entering the new norm of Business Travel.

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