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As the business travel and economic landscape emerges from the pandemic, the critical need for international travel and its direct impact on international trade has never been more important. This guide will help to steer you through the latest business travel environment, from what’s changed or stayed the same, the implications for your travelling employees, and ensure that your company can grow and thrive with its international activity.

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Complexities of Business Travel – Our Guide to Booking Business Travel in a complex environment

In this guide we take you through the complexities of Business Travel, providing you with all you need to ensure your employees will feel safe, confident and able to do their jobs successfully whilst travelling for business.

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Business Travellers Guide to Brexit

Business Travellers guide to Brexit based on advice provided by the UK Government and industry associations, which delivers guidance around the impact of Brexit based on today’s environment.

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Post Covid-19: Your Complete Traveller Checklist

Use this handy checklist to help you ensure you have all the information and advice you need when considering, booking or embarking on travel during/post Covid-19.

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Guide to implementing and driving usage of Online Booking Technology

We have created this eBook to help organisations implement and drive usage of an Online Booking Tool to book business travel trips, either alongside an existing business travel team or stand-alone.

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CONSTRUCTION: The Guide to reducing business travel costs for the Construction Industry

This detailed guide explains and provides strategies for reducing business travel costs for companies working within the Construction industry.

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The Guide to reducing business travel costs

This detailed guide explains how to manage and use data to evolve your business travel programme, how to create an effective travel policy and provides strategies for reducing business travel costs.

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The SME’s Guide to Procuring Travel Management Services

This detailed guide will help you decide if now is the right time to start using a Travel Management Company (TMC), and how you can source the right TMC partner for your business.

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Business Travel Glossary

Business Travel Glossary featuring the A-Z of Key travel terms, acronyms and definitions to help you get started.

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Business Travel Policy Template

This template will help you write your own business travel policy without having to start from scratch.

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How to Create a Business Travel Policy

This guide will help you write a comprehensive business travel policy for your organisation.

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Guide to Managing Business Travel Risk and Duty of Care for SMEs

If you’re wondering how to implement a duty of care strategy for your business travellers, this guide will walk you through the essential steps to protect your employees.

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Reducing Business
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