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Arvato Business Solutions

The Company:

Arvato Business Solutions boasts over five decades of expertise in the UK, specialising in business process outsourcing. With more than 70,000 dedicated professionals across over 40 nations, they offer award-winning, tailored solutions. Their clientele spans from global private-sector multinationals to public entities, such as government departments, local councils, and hospital trusts. Offering solutions from digital marketing and financial services to customer relationship management, supply chain management, and IT services, Arvato stands as a paragon of integrated value chains and diverse business processes.


Arvato’s primary objective was the implementation of an online booking tool with flexible user roles. This system would enable unrestricted bookings by bookers and allow travellers to manage their own bookings. The system should be user-friendly, embedding a clear travel policy for seamless compliance.

The Challenge:

Arvato identified a need for a streamlined travel process, prompting a partnership with Good Travel Management. As more divisions were onboarded, an opportunity arose for enhanced cost-effectiveness and overall process improvement. An exhaustive review of Arvato’s group travel expenditure led to the conclusion that transitioning to online bookings was a viable move, with the potential to reduce business travel expenses and boost employee productivity.

The Solution:

In collaboration with Arvato, Good Travel Management set ambitious targets: a 30% service fee reduction via online adoption and a 15% average travel cost reduction through a combination of best practices, a structured hotel programme, and stricter travel policy adherence.

The implementation of GT Online, Good Travel Management’s proprietary online booking tool, was integral to this solution. This portal empowered Arvato’s employees to manage their own bookings, while Good Travel Management’s consultants remained available for complex requests.

Efforts to foster support for online bookings involved detailed communication strategies, keeping Arvato stakeholders informed and aligned. Incentive schemes, like competitions for employees booking online, were employed to boost uptake.

Exclusive rates at 15 select properties were negotiated, offering value-added benefits such as complimentary meals, Wi-Fi, car parking, and local purchase discounts. These exclusive rates, coupled with Good Travel Management’s discounts and deals from online providers like Expedia and, amplified value.

An in-depth analysis of Arvato’s travel data provided insights into travel trends, paving the way for continuous improvement. For air travel, a study of key destinations and airlines was conducted. Enrolment in various airline company reward schemes enabled accruement of points, resulting in future savings.

The Results:

The project was a success. Not only did employees save time on booking travels, but the set targets were also realised within just three months.

  • 92% of users transitioned to online booking
  • 81% of hotel bookings adhered to the travel policy
  • Average hotel rates saw an 11% reduction
  • Booking fees were slashed by 55%


Jill Cartwright from PWA reflected on their blossoming association, stating, "Our journey with Good Travel Management spans over 3 years, beginning with booking our Directors' flights. Today, they handle over 500 global flights annually for us. Our trust in them has burgeoned, entrusting them with our client delegates’ direct communications. Their efficiency, professionalism, amiability, and adaptability stand unparalleled. Their foresight in anticipating travel challenges, their strategies in ensuring our delegates' journeys are impeccable from inception to conclusion, and the 24-hour helpline are testimonials to their unparalleled service.Having selected The Canary Islands (Tenerife) as our retreat destination, GMT coordinated flights from various departure locations across Europe, including all local transfers and meet and greet with a well connected tour operator. They were transparent throughout and we were provided with on-site, local and emergency contact details.All in all, Good Travel Management provided us with a seamless, fully supported and professional experience and we would not hesitate to approach them again for future services.”

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