10 reasons why modern business travellers choose Serviced Apartments

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Traveller’s from a wide range of business sectors and industries are showing a growing demand for the use of Self-Serviced apartments especially following the pandemic, to provide extra Covid reassurance. Industries such as Oil and Gas, Construction and Marine are some of the business categories seeing a spike in appeal.

Here, we will take a look at some of the reasons corporate travellers are choosing to book serviced apartments…

#1 A fully equipped kitchen

Typically, an apartment will provide amenities such as cooker, microwave, dishwasher, fridge and washing facilities, providing you with the flexibility to cook whatever whenever you want. These are perfect if your contract overruns or you find yourself peckish when the hotel amenities are inaccessible.

#2 Space and Convenience

On average, an apartment has up to 30% more space than a standard hotel room. Apartments may include separate living areas, particularly helpful if you have a lot of important equipment needed to be stored in your room or if you want to relax and watch a film without just laying on your hotel bed!  A typical one-bedroom service apartment is around twice the size of the average hotel room.

#3  Privacy

Staying in a serviced apartment gives you the privacy to work, cook, relax and sleep in the comfort of your own personal space. Once you`ve booked your accommodation, you don’t need to worry about booking restaurant places or even meeting rooms as they can be multi-use and will generally also have catering facilities for meals or delivery of food and produce for longer stays. You have the freedom, space and flexibility to arrange things at any given moment, with no distractions from elsewhere.

#4 Cost Savings

Rooms are generally charged per apartment as opposed to per individual meaning there are many cost-saving opportunities when booking a Serviced apartment, helping you bring down your corporate travel spend.

#5 Long stays

For project work or weekly stays away, the flexibility of a serviced apartment means not having a minimum stay period, allowing you to book extended trips in one accommodation type or if a group are working together you can book 2 or 3 bedroom apartments combining the privacy of your own rooms with a social living space too.

#6 Location

Serviced apartments are situated in great locations. They can be found across all major continents and cities situated within business districts with close proximity to major project sites.

#7 Easy to book

Many Serviced apartments sites are now available via the internet, Global Distribution Systems to which Travel Management Companies use to book live travel inventory, as well Online Booking tools. You’ll find preferred rates and terms by booking in this way as well as demonstrating value to your travel manager compared to hotel room rates.

#8 They are regulated

Serviced apartments can join the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP) to which members can participate in the Quality Accreditation Programme which ensures they are compliant with core compliance of legal, health and safety requirements and good practice.

#9 24 Hour concierge

The majority of serviced apartments provide a 24-hour concierge service for all your needs. You’ll find they are knowledgeable about the local area and will help with on the ground logistics and support you with any special requests.

#10 Payment

Paid and bill back options should be available through your chosen Business Travel Company, meaning there is no need to pay up front and claim back the costs and it helps with your business cash flow if your company isn’t charged till after you check out.

If you’re a seasoned business traveller, what do you think to Serviced apartments? We’d love to hear from you, just let us know in the box below!