5 Tips for Dealing with the New Year Blues

3 min read

January is coming….it’s the time of year where empty bank accounts are a plenty, cold wintry weather takes a hold and stretched waistbands have us scrambling for the latest celebrity fitness DVD. Christmas has gone, and with the New Year fast approaching, a full email inbox awaits our return to work. When the thought of being anywhere else but on the sofa with a box of Quality Street’s takes hold, you know you have the New Year Blues…

So how do we deal with the New Year Blues? We take a look at 5 tips to get you back on track when returning to work after the festive season.

#1 Stay Positive

You have to stay positive, dress to impress and put on that smile for your first day back. Clear out the junk from your inbox and make a to-do list planning what needs to be completed on your return to the office so you can hit the ground running in the new year. Tackle the challenging things first, leaving only the smaller jobs to complete later on.

#2 Plan a Holiday

Who doesn’t love a holiday? The sand between your toes, the sun on your back and 2 weeks of pure bliss. Once your summer holiday is planned you will have something to look forward to leaving you with a goal to aim for.

#3 Start a Hobby

Getting stuck into a hobby can be a great way of passing the time and meeting like minded people. If you have set a new year’s resolution to become healthier, why not enrol at the local gym? Doing exercise is a sure found way to release endorphin’s and fire up those positive vibes. Fancy something less energetic? Why not practice your baking skills, you may even become the next Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood of the office!

#4 Take time for yourself

When January starts to get you down, take time for yourself. Go for a walk, get some retail therapy or have a pampering session (a great opportunity to use those Christmas smellies!). Taking time for yourself and doing what you really want can leave you feeling fulfilled and accomplished, especially if you had been putting off a certain activity for a long while.

#5 Set a blank canvas

New year, new me…don’t let this be a forgotten sentiment or a Facebook status you had written whilst a little bit more than merry on New Year’s eve. A new year is a perfect clean slate for everyone, plan your activities, goals and what you would like to achieve for the rest of the year (do not forget to aim high) getting the work/home life balance where you want it to be.