A Day in the Life of a Client Relationship Manager | Meet Laura

3 min read

Meet Laura, Client Relationship Manager at Good Travel Management. Her role is instrumental in managing clients from a contractual standpoint. She ensures that their travel policies are aligned with their goals, budgets are under control, and smarter solutions are continually provided.

Laura’s days are packed with diverse tasks and responsibilities, and today, she gives us a glimpse of a recent day in her busy life.

9:00 AM – A Fresh Start

Laura’s day begins at 9 AM with a deep dive into her inbox. She starts by clearing any outstanding emails that may have been left from previous days. This often involves tracking down responses on pressing issues or verifying that a customer rate has been loaded by a hotel for a client. Her commitment to swift problem-solving and proactive client service sets the tone for the day.

10:00 AM – Calendar Check and Planning

At 10 AM, Laura shifts her focus to her calendar. It’s time to review her schedule and plan accordingly based on upcoming tasks and obligations. Her daily agenda can vary widely, from client reviews to assisting with products and implementations. The ability to adapt to changing needs is a cornerstone of her role.

12:00 PM – Lunchtime Breather

By noon, Laura takes a well-deserved break for lunch. It’s an opportunity to recharge and refuel before diving into the afternoon’s responsibilities.

1:00 PM – Client Outreach and Business Development

The afternoon commences with Laura reaching out to clients. She maintains constant communication, ensuring that clients are informed about the full array of services and solutions offered by Good Travel Management. The travel industry’s fast-paced nature often means there are new products and opportunities that clients might not have considered in the past. Laura’s proactive approach helps clients maximise their travel management.

3:00 PM – Contract Renewals and Proposals

Around 3 PM, Laura delves into contract management. She focuses on renewing existing contracts for clients and evaluating new proposals. Keeping contracts up to date and completed on time is a critical aspect of her role. It’s all about ensuring that clients receive the best possible service and support.

4:00 PM – Traveller Tracking and Support

In her role, Laura also manages Good Travel Management’s traveller tracking tool. When needed, she implements clients onto the tool and provides assistance for sales and account management queries related to it. This technology ensures clients’ travellers are safe and accounted for during their journeys.

5:30 PM – Wrapping Up

As the day winds down, Laura begins the process of logging off after a busy and productive day. It’s time to head home and recharge for the next set of challenges and opportunities that tomorrow will bring.

Laura’s life as a Client Relationship Manager is a dynamic one, marked by a constant focus on client satisfaction and success. Her dedication to maintaining strong client relationships, managing contracts, and staying on top of industry developments is a vital cog in Good Travel’s ability to provide top-tier services and solutions to its clients. Laura’s passion for her role is evident in her daily routine, which encompasses a wide array of tasks essential for client satisfaction and business growth.