From Runway to Runway: 5 Top Survival Tips for Fashion Week

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Fashion Week – the pinnacle of style, creativity, and innovation within the fashion industry as designers reveal their latest collections on iconic runways in fashion capitals like Paris, London, New York, and beyond.

For designers, models, influencers, and industry insiders, attending Fashion Weeks isn’t merely about witnessing the latest collections, it’s about networking, collaboration, and immersion in the world of style.  From the couture creations of Paris to the modern designs of London, these events set the tone for trends that will dominate runways and streets worldwide. It’s a chance for the retail industry to increase exposure to their brand through brand visibility, market expansion and trend inspiration.  

Are you attending one of the many Fashion Weeks coming up? Have you prepared yourself? If the answer is no, then don’t panic. We’ve rounded up our 5 top tips to survive Fashion Week.

1. Be Organised

Coordinating a week packed with shows, meetings and events can be a headache. Having an organised itinerary ensures you can navigate your schedule without missing key engagements. Your itinerary should cover:

Runway Shows

Before arriving at Fashion Week, make sure you have a list of key runway shows you are attending. Make a point of listing the dates and times so you can schedule your travel around the runway show. The last thing you need is to be fashionably late…


Schedule your meeting around the runway shows and make sure you’re in the location of your next event. These meetings with potential collaborators and industry professionals will be of utmost importance for you to build business opportunities and relationships.

Networking Events

You’ll be spending your days and nights jumping from shows, and events to parties. Some will be spontaneous so remain flexible in your schedule but know when to say NO. The last thing you’ll want is to run over schedule and miss a meeting, or sleep in too late and skip a crucial runway show.

Outfit Preparation

Pre-plan your outfits!

It’s essential to have your outfits prepared before Fashion Week. Firstly, it gives you enough time to put attention to detail into the clothing and cuts out the stress of throwing clothes across the room an hour before a runway, trying to decide on an outfit. You’ll also reduce the risk of overpacking; you won’t need to pay extra at check-in because you can’t decide between jackets.


Planning your transport between venues is imperative. Ensure you consider obstacles such as travel time, traffic, and proximity to make sure you arrive punctually for each engagement. You do not want to be the one walking in late. If you’re choosing to take ground transportation, have the nearest tube stations to the events written down so you can save time searching for the right transport.

Leisure Time

Factor in downtime for rest, relaxation, and preparation between events. Take this time to recharge so you’re feeling fresh and ready for your next engagement.

You can’t be in three places at once. Don’t run ragged trying to reach everyone and everything. Incorporate a well-planned itinerary to ensure you have a productive, enjoyable experience.

2. Footwear Considerations

Do heels make an outfit? YES. Are they comfortable for a 12-hour day? NO. Unless you’ve booked car transportation from venues, you need to choose your footwear wisely.

Fashion week involves a lot of walking and standing for an extended period. Choosing appropriate footwear such as flats, boots or low-heeled shoes can significantly increase your comfort and practicality in navigating events.

Wearing heels can increase your risk of trips or falls, especially in the crowded, fast-paced environments of Fashion Week, choosing suitable footwear will enable you to walk with confidence.

3. Daily Essentials

Attending fashion week events requires being prepared for long days filled with shows, networking and possibly after-parties. Here’s a list of essential items to include in your handbag.

Portable Charger

These are busy events, and you’ll more than likely be using your phone for scheduling, taking photos and staying connected. A portable charger will help keep your phone powered throughout the day and night and make sure you have a way of contacting someone for safety precautions.

Purse or Wallet with Cash and Cards

You will need money for transportation, food, and any unexpected expenses. Plus, having your ID and credit cards handy is essential.

Compact Mirror and Makeup

Fashion Week involves a lot of networking and photo opportunities. A quick touch-up can make a big difference to how you feel, and you can move on and conquer the day.

Snacks and a Water Bottle

These events can be a whirlwind, and you may not always have time for a proper nutritious meal. Packing snacks like protein bars or nuts can help you stay energised and staying hydrated is crucial for long days.


You may find this random, but the weather can take unexpected turns and we don’t want your hair, makeup or worse, outfit ruined because you’ve had to run through the rain.

4. Know your location

Before Fashion Week begins, do your research on the area you will be staying in, so you know where the nearest supermarket, pharmacy or coffee shop is. Being aware of your location will help in avoiding potentially unsafe areas. The events you will be attending attract large crowds of high-profile individuals, knowing your location and taking precautions from potential threats is key.

One measure you can take to support yourself is to have a platform that ensures your safety. Good Travel Management offers a comprehensive travel risk management tool that issues real-time security alerts, ensuring you can stay ahead of potential risks. Your well-being and safety are key and with 24/7 support, 365 days a year, Good Travel Management has you covered so you’re not on your own.

5. Have Fun

Fashion Weeks can be gruelling, but it’s also an incredibly exciting experience. It all depends on how you choose to plan your week, if you’re trying to get into every show and party, you’re going to be a zombie by day 3. Take a break, make an organised itinerary, and attend and enjoy the amazing fashion come to life.

It can be overwhelming but with taking breaks and prioritising the events you want and need to attend; you’ll start to enjoy it all. You’re there to see the new collections come alive, strip everything else away and enjoy.

Key takeaways

  •  Being organised in a week full of shows, meetings and events is key. Having a well-planned itinerary with room for spontaneity to enjoy yourself is how you will navigate Fashion Week effectively.
  • Think about your footwear. Are you prepared to stand around, walk and wait in the shoes you currently have packed in your suitcase? If not, take them out.
  • Be prepared with some Fashion Week essentials to have on you throughout the long, tedious days. It won’t just keep you feeling more energised but will give you everything you need to be prepared for any situation.
  • Safety is key in an unfamiliar destination. Even if you have visited before, making sure you have access to a tool like Good Travel Management’s platform will enable you to feel confident during your stay.
  • Lastly, enjoy yourself. Fashion Weeks are the time when style, creativity and innovation come to life. If you’re worried about the stress of travelling, accommodation, itinerary or safety, make sure you contact Good Travel Management. We will assure you a seamless trip where your only worry is the clothes you wear – well, not unless you’ve pre-planned them as we said!

What’s next?

Whether you’re in New York, Paris, or Dubai for Fashion Week, make sure you are inhabiting healthy habits in your stay. You can see our 9 Healthy Habits we ensure all our business travellers know to ensure they are focused on maintaining mental and physical well-being.