How I Became a Senior Business Travel Consultant | Meet Chelsea

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Chelsea, Senior Business Travel Consultant, joined Good Travel Management 9 years ago. Her role is in the Operations department and involves planning, conducting and offering trips to a range of clients. Chelsea works closely with the sales team to provide quotes for any potential new accounts, to assist in bringing them on board with Good Travel. As a senior, her role also involves running various reports, helping with training new members of the team and assisting with managers duties when required.

Chelsea takes us through how she began her career in corporate travel and her best advice for anyone just starting out!

How did you first get into the corporate travel industry?

I’ve always had a passion for the industry and started my education by studying travel and tourism both at school and college. After I had finished my studies, I noticed an advertisement online for an apprenticeship with Good Travel Management which I applied for, and I’ve never looked back!

What has inspired you in your career?

Throughout my nine years with Good Travel Management, I’ve been fortunate to work alongside remarkable colleagues who have played an instrumental role in inspiring and shaping my career. The senior operations team have been constant sources of support, offering guidance and opening doors to numerous training and progression opportunities. Their unwavering encouragement has boosted my confidence and nurtured my professional growth.

One of the highlights of my journey has been the chance to embark on trips, personally experiencing the destinations our clients visit. These experiences have been a significant source of inspiration, enhancing my expertise and understanding of the travel industry.

What are the biggest challenges in your role?

One of the major challenges in my role is dealing with last-minute flight cancellations and rail strikes. These unexpected disruptions throw a wrench into the travel plans of our clients, requiring swift and effective solutions. The pressure is high, and the challenge lies in finding the best alternative for the client while providing the essential support and assistance they need. It’s a test of our problem-solving skills, quick thinking, and our commitment to ensuring a seamless travel experience.

What skills have been the most crucial to your success in the corporate travel industry so far?

A skill that instantly comes to mind is excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on giving our clients the best, personal service. Excellent planning and organisations skills are also crucial, along with the ability to work well under pressure with strong problem-solving skills.

What education or training would be most useful for someone looking to follow your career path?

I would 100% recommend an apprenticeship within the industry if you have an interest in travel. This provided me with hands on experience alongside gaining qualifications, and it is a great opportunity to step into the world of travel!

What advice would you give to someone looking to follow your career path?

To those who aspire to join the corporate travel industry, my advice is to take immense pride in your work and the service you provide to your clients. Excellence is not just a goal; it’s a standard. Being a good team player is equally crucial, as the corporate travel industry thrives on collaboration and teamwork. Together, we make each journey a memorable experience for our clients.

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