How I Became Sales Manager | Meet Alex

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Alex, Sales Manager, joined Good Travel Management last year. Her role involves creating, leading and engaging new clients as part of the inbound leads and enquiries.   

Alex is responsible for driving the day-to-day sales performance for all incoming leads from all sources from the Website, Inbound Calls, Marketing Campaigns, LinkedIn, Chat requests and many other sources. Alex establishes professional relationships, both internally and externally and thrives on building and maintaining connections throughout. She promotes and encourages a supportive team culture, working with the rest of the BDM’s and Account Managers and uses her experience and knowledge to enhance and be part of a successful team.  

Here Alex gives us more insight into her role and how it all began. 

How did you first get into the corporate travel industry?

I saw the job advert and instantly thought this was the career for me. I knew this was the role and the fantastic business I had been waiting for. Having no travel industry knowledge or experience, it was a new step in my career. My ability to be adaptable, persuasive and build key relationships gave me the confidence and positivity I needed to play a fundamental role in the business’ defined growth strategy.

What has inspired your career?

What inspired my career the most is my family and my own determination. I wanted to succeed not just for myself but also to make my parents proud. This personal drive and the constant support of my family were the fuel that kept me going, even in challenging times.

What are the biggest challenges in your role?

Within any sales environment or role there are always unique challenges. For example: competition, target pressure, team leadership, dynamics and collaboration. We need to set ourselves apart from the rest and show just how truly excellent our service and offering is – which we do!

What skills have been the most crucial to your success in the corporate travel industry so far?

Industry knowledge is of course essential, but being within a team that is so driven to succeed is encouraging and unlike any other business I have worked in. Having excellent commercial and business acumen has definitely assisted with my ability to demonstrate people management and sales skills.

What education or training would be most useful for someone looking to follow your career path?

Demonstratable people management experience in an outbound sales environment with excellent mentoring and coaching skills, whether that be as a Team Leader or Sales Manager, would be useful. Outstanding written and verbal communication skills with the ability to build rapport quickly and easily with stakeholders at all levels is also essential. The ability to build and promote a positive team culture and adopt the ethos of the wider business is a key to success. Strong analytical and numerical skills and experience using CRM tools are also useful.

What advice would you give to someone looking to follow your career path?

Always stay positive, focus on being driven, building a team, a pipeline and structured goals. Remember team work is important, keep in mind what is best for the business and the customers.

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