What are Marine and Energy Travel air-fares, and how will they benefit my business?

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Traditionally, Marine air-fares were only offered and accessible to Seafarers. Today, a huge array of job types and positions can also avail of these sector specific airline tickets including Engineers, Health and Safety Inspectors, Consultancy Firms and Vessel Hospitality Staff to name a few.

Can I take advantage of a Marine and Energy Travel Air-Fare ?

The basic rule of thumb is if a person is required to board a vessel, yacht or rig for work purposes (at sea or in dock) there is a high chance that you will qualify. Many folks in the industry will already hold a seaman’s log book, however, for personnel travelling on ad-hoc project work the vessel will most likely add your details to the ship’s manifest and this can be supported with a letter on company letterhead stating your name, destination, name of vessel, port of registry and purpose of travel.

In this challenging and fast paced industry plans can change at a moment’s notice. With regular marine and energy travel air-fare changes a costly business. Fees to make a change to a flight, can cost anywhere from £50 to £500 depending on the ticket type, but with a Marine and Energy travel fare booked through a Marine Travel Specialist, unlimited changes can be made without penalty giving the traveller complete peace of mind.

Another regular occurrence is vessels are often required to change course due to weather conditions, requiring crew to arrive or depart from a different destination operated by an alternative airline. With a Marine fare, your travel management company will simply process a full refund and book the new route on another carrier.

In many cases Marine and Energy Travel fares are significantly cheaper than a regular air-fare. Booking with a marine travel specialist will ensure you not only get the best advice, but the latest rules and regulations stipulated by the airlines. However, they should also compare other fare types to ensure that you are getting the best value airfare, should your dates be fixed and unlikely to change.

For many of our travellers heading Offshore can involve weeks or months at sea and depending on their job are required to travel with tools, materials and equipment. Marine fares automatically allow an increased luggage allowance in most cases up to 40KG eliminating the hefty price tag and lengthy process to organise excess luggage!

Some projects require our clients to transport equipment to the end destination prior to personnel arriving. Good Travel Management’s expert team can provide sea and air freight logistics in addition to coordinating all Marine and Energy travel plans which delivers discounted pricing, added value and eliminates the need for multiple suppliers.

Not sure whether your business qualifies for these fares? Feel free to give us a call to find out more!We’ll  not only let you know if you are eligible, but will provide insight as to how we can support your business. 

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