What are the benefits of booking your airport transfers through a business travel agency?

2 min read

It may sound like a cliché but you can’t put a price on peace of mind, especially when travelling from A to B in a foreign country. Booking your flight and a hotel is a must, whether that’s done through a dedicated corporate travel agency or yourself. Some travellers tend to forget one important factor….transfers!

Pre-booking transfers in advance of travel from the airport to your hotel or meeting, eliminates the stress of securing immediate transport when you arrive at your destination. Not only will you avoid lengthy taxi queues, you will also avoid being paying over the odds.

Unfortunately, it’s often the case that many foreign visitors are the main target of local taxi drivers looking to make an extra bit of cash on top of their usual fare. Being a tourist, along with not knowing the local area or language, can often result in being overcharged.

When you book an airport transfer in advance the journey is already prepaid, plus it is normally invoiced directly to your travel management company, meaning you won’t have to claim for taxi fare/ metro tickets etc on your expenses.

Public transport too can also have its limitations.  The metro is great, providing there is a service that links directly to the airport at your destination. A downside? Foreign train services can be extremely busy and immensely difficult to fathom, especially when needing to change trains en-route and after a tiring flight, this can be a far from ideal situation.

Allowing your corporate travel agency to pre-book your airport transfers will help to eliminate these issues. When airport transfers are booked through a business travel agent there are no hidden costs and you will pay the “real price” with no chance of you “being taken for a ride” (excuse the pun).

Having it all organised means you can expect your prepaid chauffeur to be ready and waiting, where you want them, when you want them – courteous, calm and attentive, an expert behind the wheel with excellent knowledge of the local area. This peace of mind can be especially useful to lone female travellers, knowing you’re taken care of from door to plane by a reputable service.

So when you are organising your next business travel trip, why not ask your business travel agent to provide a quote for Airport Transfer services?