Developing a Sustainable Travel Programme

Watch our TravelSmart webinar, “How to Develop a Sustainable Travel Programme,” offering vital insights into integrating sustainability into your travel management practices. This webinar is your gateway to understanding how business travel, essential for uncovering new opportunities, can be aligned with your organisation’s sustainability goals.

Acknowledging the environmental impact of business travel, this session dives deep into the strategies and practices that can reduce your carbon footprint without compromising the benefits of travel. With Good Travel Management at the forefront, we share our journey and successes in supporting clients with sustainable travel management programmes, providing you with actionable insights to embark on a similar path.

The webinar boasts a lineup of distinguished speakers who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Laura Busby, Commercial Director of Good Travel Management, is celebrated for her leadership in sustainable business travel solutions. Sarah Whiting from Thrust Carbon brings her expertise in travel technology and green travel initiatives, while Sam Cande, Founder and CEO of Responsible Futures, offers a broad perspective on corporate sustainability practices.

This session is more than just an opportunity to learn; it’s an invitation to join a movement towards more responsible business travel. It’s a chance to be part of a community seeking growth through sustainability, making it an essential experience for travel managers, sustainability advocates, and anyone eager to make a positive impact through their travel decisions.