How to Build an Inclusive Travel Programme

Business travel is transforming, reflecting our current economy, work diversity and the shift toward sustainability. Therefore, with that comes the importance of inclusivity within your travel programme.  

Travelling for business can be an exciting and rewarding experience for employees, but it can be challenging especially for those whose personal safety may be at greater risk, for example, due to their disability, health condition, age, sex or their sexual orientation.  Diversity and inclusion is a an essential part of a company’s culture, and a consideration when travelling on business.   

We have a range of experienced speakers to talk about:  

  • Best key practises to incorporate inclusivity into your travel programme  
  • Important considerations a modern business should take when considering diversity and inclusivity 
  • What Good Travel Management do to capture profile data to help different customers on their business travel  
  • The Young Women’s Trust and why as a charity, they decided to work with Good Travel Management.  

Meet our speakers:

  • Our Commercial Director, Laura Busby
  • Rachel Lowe, Chief People Officer of John Good Group
  • Ellie Lammiman, Senior Business Travel Consultant at Good Travel Management
  • Our special guest, Simone Sealy, Administrator at the Young Women’s Trust