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We were one of the first to receive an IATA license and have fantastic relationships with many airlines. 

Our partners are your partners. We’ll ensure you benefit from corporate reward schemes, negotiated rates for high-volume flights, and the very best global fares.

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Our team of business flight experts at Good Travel Management brings unparalleled expertise to the world of corporate travel. With years of experience, we have cultivated strong relationships with airlines across the globe, providing our clients with a wide array of options for their business flights. This extensive network not only ensures a diverse selection but also promotes sustainability, allowing us to offer eco-conscious choices that align with your corporate values. Trust us to navigate the skies efficiently while prioritising your business goals and environmental responsibility.

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We’ll make sure you get the very best price for every flight

We save you time, money and stress when booking flights

Corporate air travel has never been so smooth

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Having a team of corporate travel experts book all of your business flights not only removes a time-consuming task from your to-do list, it also means you won’t have to deal with the common problems that arise, such as limited options, last-minute changes, complex itineraries and cost management. Our role is to ensure that everything required is catered for in full, all while locking in the best prices for every flight.

Our travel experts offer valuable advice

As well as making sure that each flight is optimised by streamlining the entire process and getting you the very best deals every time, we also offer practical tips and advice for corporate travellers who want to make the most of their business flights. From choosing the best seats to staying productive while in transit and maximising loyalty rewards, we always deliver an excellent return on investment.

We’ve developed an impressive reputation

We’ve been booking flights for businesses for decades and established our company as a well-respected specialist in the sector. You benefit from our global fares and hundreds of airline agreements, as well as our partnerships: :

  • Specialist Partner: British Airways
  • Partner of the Lufthansa City Center
  • Independent Partner in Altour/Internova – one of the world’s largest global travel groups 
  • Specialist fares in specific sectors such as Marine, Energy and Renewables, Entertainment and more
  • We’ve been a member of IATA since 1946 

The Best Airline Loyalty Programmes

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It’s time to wave goodbye to inefficient, time-consuming, expensive and impersonal business flights. Get in touch with our team today to explore what we can offer your business and how our team make corporate air travel an enjoyable experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below. Feel free to get in touch with our team directly and we’d be happy to answer any queries you have.

Booking flights through a corporate TMC like Good Travel Management offers numerous advantages. We provide tailored solutions to match your business objectives, ensuring not only cost-effectiveness but also time-saving and efficiency.

Additionally, our expertise in the sector, combined with our proactive approach, ensures you always get the best deals and optimal routes, all while keeping sustainability and CO2 emission reduction in mind.

Plus, with our extensive network and partnerships, your business can also benefit from exclusive rates and dedicated support throughout the travel journey.

No, flight prices do not necessarily go down at night. However, at Good Travel Management, we consistently monitor the market to ensure we provide our clients with the best prices, regardless of the time of day.

Yes, we can provide competitive group rates on flights. For more details on organising group travel or events, please visit our events page.

Flight prices can be unpredictable and don’t always get cheaper as the date approaches. At Good Travel Management, we understand the dynamics of the market and consistently monitor for price changes to ensure our clients always get the best possible rate.

Our business clients have access to exclusive corporate travel rates. However, it’s essential to note that travel booked for personal use cannot be classified as a business expense. That being said, anyone in your organisation traveling for legitimate business purposes can take advantage of these corporate travel rates

Corporate flights typically refer to the special rates or arrangements that businesses get when booking through a Travel Management Company like ours. These rates are often discounted due to volume-based negotiations, long-term partnerships, or specific business agreements.

Regular flights, on the other hand, are standard flight bookings available to the general public without any corporate affiliations or special agreements.

In the world of corporate travel, timely and safe flight bookings are paramount. Our flight management system is designed to prioritise these aspects, providing real-time flight status updates and incorporating a multi-layered verification system.

Before confirming any booking, our platform checks for any disruptions, such as weather conditions or global events, that might impact the flight.

Furthermore, our system is synced with global airline updates, ensuring that any last-minute changes or cancellations are immediately reflected. We also have a dedicated team to assist in rebookings or provide alternative solutions in case of unexpected disruptions.

Safety is of utmost importance; hence, we ensure that all the airlines and charter services in our network adhere to international safety standards. The combination of our technology and dedicated human expertise ensures a seamless and secure flight booking experience for all corporate travellers.