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Simplifying your expense and payment solutions by working with our consulting division

Expenses leaving you frustrated?

Are you struggling to understand the total cost of your business trips?

Understanding the total cost of a business trip is much more than the flight and hotel cost, it means understanding the cost of every additional expense associated with it, whether it’s a coffee or WiFi. With our Solutions, all expenses are associated with the relevant business travel trip which gives you complete visibility of the total trip spend and accurate insight into ROI.

Are your reimbursement workflows, slow and cumbersome for your finance staff?

Reimbursing and auditing expense claims manually can be time-consuming. Free up your finance staff and make it quick and simple with:

  • Real-time automated policy compliance with anti-fraud alerts
  • Real-time reporting
  • Automated credit card reconciliation and auto-matching of expense receipts
  • Accurate and auditable receipt data

What is the right solution for you?

First, we consult with you on your objectives. For some, the expense solution may take precedent, for others it may be the travel booking platform and experience, for others, it may be a blend of both. That is where we fit in, providing great travel technology, high touch service and the expertise to ensure your data will integrate into your preferred payment solution. Similarly, we can recommend solutions if you do not have one in place already and have partner agreements with several expense platform providers.

Travel and Expense Management is such a vital element in the chain of events that enables employees to travel. Whether that be travel policy, authorisation, approval, data capture, travel and then and expense reclaim. There are many solutions in the market aimed at businesses large and small. Rather than having a one size fits all solution, Good Travel Management are experts in creating a bespoke solution for you to streamline your travel and expense processes.

Through our partnership with Altour and Lufthansa City Center, we work with many customers using global solutions such as Concur or Cytric, as well as payment providers such as American Express Business Travel Account (BTA) and Airplus to join together your data and expense requirements.

Want to find out more? Call us for a free consultation to discuss what your pain points are.

We would be happy to explore and make suitable recommendations and proposals for you.

Already have an expense management solution in place?

No problem! We integrate with all leading expense management
providers such as Cytric and Concur among others.

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