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Our group of companies are highly regarded in the Maritime and Travel sectors since 1833 with award-winning divisions in Shipping, Logistics and Corporate Travel. For those with marine and energy travel requirements, we understand exactly how important it is to have a knowledgeable and reliable partner you can trust to safely move your people from one place to another, on schedule in a cost-effective manner.

Are you eligible for Marine and Energy Travel fares?

Marine and Energy Travel refers to the challenging job of getting crews to ships and technicians, engineers and support crew to rigs (that could be anywhere around the world) on time. Due to the shipping and energy industries’ unpredictable nature, marine and energy fares were created to offer discounts and enhanced flexibility to make air travel more manageable. These special fares are available to personnel travelling to work onboard ships, rigs and wind farms, such as those listed below.

  • Marine Engineers
  • Ship Surveyors
  • Salvage Operators
  • Cruise and Ferry Operators
  • Port Authorities
  • Tug and Pilot Operators
  • Exploration Teams
  • Super yacht Captains and Crew
  • Marine Electricians
  • Marine Technicians
  • Support and Supply Operators
  • Geologists
  • Drilling Crew
  • Diving Teams
  • Catering Crew
  • Ship Owners and Managers
  • Crewing Agents

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We’re not just a travel management company that knows a bit about marine and energy travel, our parent company; the John Good Group, has colleagues in 42 countries and still provides crew transfer and liner agency services to some of the world’s most respected ship owners today. This insight into the world of shipping and vessel ownerships gives us a unique perspective into just how critical effective crew movement is, because we have to do it for ourselves.

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Our expert team puts cost effectiveness, flexibility and safety at the heart of our service. With extensive experience in managing the complex global travel needs of companies working within the Marine and Energy sectors, our team understands the importance of making time critical connections happen while keeping to budgets.

Keeping your business moving

As experienced liner agents, we know the implications of late arriving crew or travel delays that impact your schedule. If you’re responsible for crew or team movement, you need assurance that your travel partner will always deliver, because if they don’t, it will affect your business profit and productivity.


Global marine and offshore airfares

An excellent service is only half the battle; you have to make sure your budget is maximised too. That’s why we hold Preferred Supplier status with all the major airlines to provide Marine and Offshore fares to our eligible customers including being a British Airways Specialist Partner. Our Global Marine and Offshore fares offer savings, flexibility and additional luggage allowance, however, we’ll always compare these to low-cost carriers and our own in-house discounted fares to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Ground Support

We provide all levels of ground support as well as global air travel. We book accommodation worldwide, generating savings through our multi-channel hotel content. We create savings by giving our customers access to the unrivalled buying power of the Travel Leaders Group, which results in significant discounts on hotel rates around the world. We also check prices with Internet sites offering distressed stock such as and, to ensure we deliver value with every single booking.

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