Business travel for groups

We’re here to help your teams work seamlessly around the world.

We know how to get a large group of people to meetings, we can organise exciting incentive trips, attend conferences and attend exhibitions. Leave it to us, so that you can do what you do best, doing business!

Travelling in numbers has never been easier

Businesses achieve their best results when they work as a collaborative group, so we’re here to provide optimised corporate travel for as many of your colleagues as required. Our corporate travel experts will make group travel easy and stress-free, which is perfect for when your teams are attending meetings, exhibitions, events, site visits and incentive trips around the world.

Collaboration is the key to success, and our mission is to ensure that your team travels together easily, cost-effectively, and with purpose. Because when a team moves in unity, the world stands ready to welcome their next big idea.


We tick all the boxes

Thanks to our expansive network built up over many decades, we consult with you first to scope out what you need, then recommend a range of options and suggestions to make sure to get you the best deals on air travel, rail journeys, transfers, coaches or taxis, meeting spaces, receptions, car hire and hotels anywhere in the world.

As well as saving you time and money spent on organising this, we’ll also ensure that all of the finer details are factored in, such as booking rooms and event spaces that have the precise facilities required for your next event or negotiating specialist airline agreements for larger events, meaning your delegates and attendees benefit from a value-driven and effective group travel booking experience. If you need additional baggage or dedicated check in for your group, we can arrange this too.

Group Travel Specialists

Good Travel Management’s corporate travel specialists are highly skilled in organising, booking and managing group bookings for all kinds of activities, including:

Incentive trips

Reward your top-performing employees or entire teams by treating them to a luxury trip designed around discovery and teambuilding experiences.

Meetings and conferences

Whether it’s somewhere in the UK or anywhere else in the world, we’ll book your next meeting or conference with exceptional attention to detail.


We’ll ensure your teams arrive safely at conferences, expos, exhibitions, festivals and all other types of business events.

We're trusted by businesses in multiple sectors

Thanks to our expertise and partnerships, we have knowledge of many different industry sectors and are tuned into their demands, specialist requirements, the events and exhibitions they attend, and work closely with governmental, trade and private sector businesses to deliver a wide range of events and group travel requests of all shapes and sizes.

From a group of ten to hundreds, our role is to solve problems by working in partnership with our clients to deliver a positive experience for their teams, their businesses and the environment through responsible and eco-friendly travel strategies.

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Good Travel Management’s corporate travel specialists are highly skilled in organising, booking and managing group bookings for all kinds of activities, including:

Save time, money and take the stress out of travel management

  • Save money with our insider access to the best travel options and content
  • Easy management and reporting with our digital platform
  • Complete trip management from start to finish
  • Sustainability is integrated into every service

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below. Feel free to get in touch with our team directly and we’d be happy to answer any queries you have.

Group travel refers to organised trips where multiple members of a business or organisation travel together. This can be for various purposes like meetings, exhibitions, incentive trips, or other business-related events.

Our expansive network and decades of experience allow us to provide tailored solutions, ensuring that every detail, from transportation to accommodation, is optimised for the group’s requirements. Our specialists manage all logistics to ensure a smooth, stress-free travel experience.

Absolutely! Whether you’re arranging travel for a small team or a large delegation, we have the expertise and resources to handle group bookings of all sizes, ensuring that each member’s needs are catered to.

Our commitment to responsible travel means we always prioritise eco-friendly travel options and strategies. We advise on sustainable transport modes, accommodation options, and activities, ensuring that your corporate travel aligns with both business and environmental objectives.

Yes, we take care of all the finer details. This includes booking rooms, event spaces, and ensuring that these venues have the precise facilities required for your event or meeting.

Certainly. Our corporate travel specialists are adept at organising a range of group activities, from incentive trips that focus on discovery and team-building to ensuring your team’s presence at major exhibitions and conferences globally.

Thanks to our expansive network and long-standing relationships in the industry, we’re positioned to negotiate and secure the best deals on air travel, accommodations, and other travel necessities. This ensures cost-effective travel solutions without compromising on quality and convenience.