Travel Management for the Marine and Renewable Sectors

Applying 190 years of marine experience to your travel strategy.

We have been involved with the ocean in some form or other for over 190 years. We definitely know how to get you to your unique renewable project or simplify complex marine travel. 

Navigating complex travel requirements: GTM have access to Marine and Green Energy Fares

We don’t mean to blow our own trumpet, but thanks to Good Travel Management being part of John Good Group, we have 190 years of marine experience to our name. Our corporate travel experts know all of the ins and outs of shipping routes and offshore projects, which means we can handle the complex, ever-changing and highly specific requirements of the marine, energy and renewables sectors.

No challenge is too great for our capabilities and “proactive” is our middle name, so you’ll always be in safe hands when you choose us to enhance and manage your corporate travel requirements.

In a sector where change is constant, lean on a partner with a strong marine heritage and a pulse on the future.


Don’t panic, we’ll deal with any unexpected surprises

Our team fully understands that there are countless variables when it comes to people, travel and movement within the marine and offshore sectors. From an engineer suddenly taking time off work due to illness, to a management team needing to visit an offshore project at a moment’s notice, there’s an awful lot of last-minute changes that have to be effectively dealt with in a prompt manner. That’s where Good Travel Management will save you a lot of time and stress, as we can respond to emergency travel arrangements for your project managers, crew managers and support staff, as well as any personnel on the move.

Crew changes have never been smoother

We’re experts in crew changes and will ensure that your employees are where they need to be on time, every time. Our clever tech will also keep you on the same page throughout each journey by providing relevant traveller information in real time, which reduces your administration requirements, saves you money, removes human error, and brings complete peace of mind when you need it most.

We'll manage and eliminate the risk

Risk management is absolutely crucial in the marine, energy and renewables sectors, as the very nature of your employees’ roles comes with many potential hazards. We’re passionate about keeping your travellers and crews safe, so you can rest assured that each individual is protected through our innovative risk management platform. Providing real-time traveller tracking, important updates, intelligent reports and instant alerts, combined with a dedicated travel management team to immediately respond to any risks and problems, your travellers will be in safe hands at all times.

Marine travel

Our travel specialists will keep your managers and crews safe and in control wherever they are on land or sea.

Renewables & energy travel

Whether your sites are in the UK or overseas, we’ll get your personnel where they need to be on time, every time.

Offshore travel

Thanks to our vast marine experience, we’re trusted by offshore companies looking for agile travel solutions.

Are you eligible for Marine and Energy Travel fares?

Marine and Energy Travel refers to the challenging job of getting crews to ships and technicians, engineers and support crew to rigs (that could be anywhere around the world) on time. Due to the shipping and energy industries’ unpredictable nature, marine and energy fares were created to offer discounts and enhanced flexibility to make air travel more manageable. These special fares are available to personnel travelling to work onboard ships, rigs and wind farms, such as those listed below.

  • Marine Engineers
  • Ship Surveyors
  • Salvage Operators
  • Cruise and Ferry Operators
  • Port Authorities
  • Tug and Pilot Operators
  • Exploration Teams
  • Super yacht Captains and Crew
  • Marine Electricians
  • Marine Technicians
  • Support and Supply
  • Operators
  • Geologists
  • Drilling Crew
  • Diving Teams
  • Catering Crew
  • Ship Owners and Managers
  • Crewing Agents

We know you'll love our energy

Thanks to our vast marine experience, we’re trusted by offshore companies looking for agile travel solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below. Feel free to get in touch with our team directly and we’d be happy to answer any queries you have.

With 190 years of marine experience as part of the John Good Group, we possess in-depth knowledge of shipping routes and offshore projects. Our expertise enables us to handle the intricate and evolving requirements of the marine, energy, and renewables sectors, ensuring reliable and efficient corporate travel management.

In the marine and offshore sectors, sudden changes are frequent, whether due to unforeseen personnel absences or last-minute project visits. Our team is adept at swiftly addressing emergency travel arrangements for all staff roles, ensuring timely and stress-free solutions for such unexpected challenges.

We pride ourselves on our expertise in facilitating crew changes. With our advanced technology, we offer real-time traveller information, which minimises administrative burdens, reduces costs, and prevents potential errors. This streamlined approach ensures crew members are punctually positioned where needed.

Risk management is of paramount importance in these sectors due to the inherent hazards associated with marine and offshore roles. We offer an innovative risk management platform that provides real-time traveller tracking, essential updates, comprehensive reports, and instant alerts. Supported by our dedicated travel management team, we ensure all travellers are consistently safe and secure.

Whilst all three sectors benefit from our extensive marine experience, each sector presents its own unique demands.

For Marine Travel, our primary concern is the safety and management of both managers and crews, ensuring their security whether they are on land or at sea.

When it comes to Renewables and Energy Travel, we place our emphasis on ensuring timely transfers of personnel, regardless of whether the location is within the UK or abroad.

Lastly, in the realm of Offshore Travel, we leverage our vast marine experience to offer agile travel solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the distinct needs of offshore companies.

Our dedicated travel management team, supported by our risk management platform, instantly responds to any potential threats or issues. With real-time traveller tracking, immediate updates, and alerts, we ensure swift resolution of problems and the consistent safety of all travellers.

Companies seeking specialised travel solutions for the marine, energy, and renewables sectors can reach out to us directly. With our deep-rooted marine heritage and future-forward approach, we are prepared to provide unparalleled support and solutions tailored to their unique needs.