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Is your organisation looking to make more environmentally friendly travel decisions? Would you like to have accurate realistic reports of Co2 emissions generated by your organisation’s travel practices? Wondering how you can enable your business to reduce Co2 Emissions through certified offsetting projects? Find out how you can achieve this through Good Travel Management.

Travel Sustainability – Why you need to take action?

All industries have both a moral and legal responsibility when it comes to environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Businesses are now thinking about the impact their business travel has on the environment with many organisations wishing to travel more responsibly and sustainably to protect both the local and global environment.

In our everyday lives we are becoming increasingly more mindful and making more eco conscious choices, which has now evolved into taking proactive action to control the carbon footprint associated with corporate travel.

Sustainability Reporting

As a Travel Management Company, we recognise the importance of reporting on sustainability this is why through our partnership with Thrust Carbon we can upload your Air, Rail and Hotel data from invoicing systems to produce and deliver reports for the requested period. This provides an intelligent calculation of the CO2 emitted by your business travel, taking into account factors such as Aircraft Type, Airline Routing, Class of Travel etc. We can deliver reports Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly which splits the emissions down by elements such as transaction type, and company department.

Travel Sustainability – How to take action?

Once your business has the reports it’s time to act and offset your carbon through highly regarded verifications schemes. These schemes independently verify projects to ensure they do lead to their promised carbon reduction; this includes on-going verification and keeping a registry of every carbon offset bought and sold.

Here are a range of Verified Schemes

Wind Farming
Solar Powered Water
Improved Ship Hull Coatings
Rice Husk Biomass
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Thrust Carbon

Good Travel Management have partnered with Thrust Carbon who have developed a more accurate calculator of CO2 emissions caused by Business Travel. We can help you Control, Report, and easily offset that calculation.


Encourage Travellers/Bookers to make better, and more strategic travel choices through education, messaging and subtle changes to company travel policy


Production of CO2 emission reports for customers that use more variables such as class of travel, routing, airline, aircraft type to provide a more accurate calculation of emissions generated.


Having produced a report showing the emissions generated we can then provide several carbon Offsetting options should the client wish to take this route.

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