Here at Good Travel Management, we understand that people will have mixed emotions about travelling again for business as Covid-19 travel and lockdown restrictions ease across the world. We want to make sure that you have all the information and support you need so that you can travel with confidence when you are ready to do so.

The first part of our Creating a Travel “Bubble” set of blogs focused on what you can do to plan and create your travel bubble. This second part lets you know what we at Good Travel Management are pro-actively doing to advise and support clients throughout the travel booking process as well as whilst they are travelling.

To start with we’ve created a FREE Downloadable Traveller Checklist to ensure that you collect all of the information and advice you need ahead of your trip, but also made some suggestions on actions you can take during the trip to make things easier.

Post Covid-19 Your Free Traveller Checklist

Secondly, we recognise that our clients look to us for the most up-to-date travel information and we appreciate that it is important for us to pro-actively provide this information before, during and after travel.

Here’s a list of just some of the ways we will do that:

#1 Provide full Travel, Health and Lockdown restrictions for your destinations before you confirm any flight options

This information will be included in any quotes we provide to you and will show when the information was last updated. Our sources for this information include the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office Travel Advice, IATA and information provided by airlines, hotels and other travel suppliers: An example is shown below:

#2 Automatically check 3 days before travel to see if any of the travel, health or lockdown advice previously provided has changed

#3 Provide full information on any quarantine restrictions that may apply on your return to your “home” country

Quarantine/Self-isolation restrictions are likely to change on a weekly basis as countries implement reciprocal Air Bridges or potentially re-introduce restrictions in reaction to localised increases in Covid-19 cases.

#4 Provide regularly updated information on travel suppliers measures on safety and hygiene

Safety of travellers, and their employees, is the top priority of airlines, airports, hotels, and all other travel suppliers. Good Travel Management are in constant contact with all travel suppliers to monitor their response to Covid-19 and we will make this information available to you. For example, we can advise if an airline has a mandatory requirement for passengers to wear Face masks or if check-in time has been lengthened at the airport to cope with longer, socially distanced queues.

#5 Provide a full range of fare options including fares allowing flexibility to amend or cancel

At Good Travel Management we’ve always presented our clients with a full range of options so you can be assured we will present not just the cheapest fare but also a fare, or rate, that might be slightly more expensive but gives you the ability to amend or cancel. Plans and restrictions are likely to be a little unpredictable for a few months so flexibility will be of value.

#6 Ensure that travellers remain updated whilst they are travelling

We’ve always recognised that our work does not stop after we’ve provided you with your tickets or confirmations. We will continually check your reservation for any amendments by the airline or hotel, any changes to travel, health or lockdown restrictions during your trip. We can than contact you to advise of any action that we’ve taken to support you or make recommendations to amend your plans.

#7 Sign you up for, or recommend, travel alerts, apps or solutions that will provide further information to enhance confidence.

#8 Pre-booking travel “extras” to maintain your bubble and reduce hassle. Such as:

  • Airport Hotels
  • Airport Car Parking
  • Fast-Track Security at the Airport
  • Lounge Access (where available)
  • Booking window seats
  • Booking Car Hire or Private Transfers to avoid using Public Transport

Booking these extras through Good Travel Management means you don’t have to visit multiple websites to book each item, you take advantage of Good Travel Management discounted rates and together with your company can view and report on your entire trip should you require support whilst travelling.

In addition to the above measures that cover the before and during of your trip, we’ll also be gathering feedback from travellers when they return, so that we understand what parts of the trip were challenging, which bits were easier than they thought and their suggestions on things you can do to feel safe and confident whilst travelling at the moment. We’ll then use and share that feedback to assist other travellers.

At Good Travel Management our purpose is clearly defined as “to remove the stress of booking, making and undertaking business travel by making corporate travel better for everyone”. We never deviate from that purpose, even in these interesting times. Travel will be a little daunting at first but we’re here to make it easier.

Traveller Checklist Business Travel Post Covid 19