The Implementation Process

We get it right the first time to ensure a seamless travel management experience

When you need corporate travel management, our dedicated implementation team will ensure that you’re given the royal treatment during the onboarding process and beyond. Nothing is out of bounds for our clients, as our role is to make everything run smoothly and make travel management a hassle-free experience.

How it works?

To give you a feel for how easy it is to become a client partner, here’s each step of our optimised onboarding process:

Application form

You complete the account application form, which goes directly to a Business Development Manager (BDM) who then checks over it and requests an account number from our accounts department.

Your requirements

At this point, the BDM will already have collated your requirements, such as the type of transportation you take, whether or not you have any corporate hotel rates, who is the main contact at your company, whether you have a company travel policy, and so on.

Internal communication

Once the account number has been created, the BDM requests an internal implementation call with our Product and Operations teams.

Action points

On the back of the call, an internal “Action Points” email is composed. This is a summary of any important points discussed on the call. The email includes a list of tasks that the BDM and Operations team must complete and ensures that we have all of the correct details.


The Product team then completes an implementation spreadsheet. This contains all of the information relating to your new account and determines which BDM is assigned to you.

Submitting for signoff

Once all internal action points are completed by all parties, the Product team finalises the spreadsheet and then submits the signoff request to our Senior Management Team (SMT).


The SMT goes through the spreadsheet and gives approval. Congratulations, you are now a client partner of Good Travel Management!

Save time, money and take the stress out of travel management

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  • Easy management and reporting with our digital platform
  • Complete trip management from start to finish
  • Sustainability is integrated into every service

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below. Feel free to get in touch with our team directly and we’d be happy to answer any queries you have.

Our onboarding process is a carefully structured series of steps, beginning with an application form, understanding your requirements, internal communications, action points, documentation, submission for signoff, and finally, completion where you become an official client partner.

To begin, you’ll need to complete the account application form. Once submitted, a Business Development Manager (BDM) reviews it, obtains an account number, and progresses the onboarding process based on your specified requirements.

Once the application form is reviewed, our BDM will already have detailed information about your travel preferences, such as transportation type, corporate hotel rates, main company contact, company travel policy, and more.

The internal implementation call involves our Product and Operations teams. This call is essential to discuss and understand the nuances of your company’s travel needs and the specifics of the onboarding process.

Following the internal call, an “Action Points” email is drafted summarising all the vital points discussed. This email lists the tasks that both the BDM and Operations team need to undertake, ensuring we capture all the details correctly.

The implementation spreadsheet, completed by our Product team, contains comprehensive information regarding your new account. It also establishes which BDM will be your main point of contact and ensures all details are recorded systematically.

Once all internal actions are finalised, our Product team sends the spreadsheet for a signoff request to our Senior Management Team (SMT). After they review and approve the spreadsheet, you will officially be a client partner of Good Travel Management.