Case Studies

Peter Walker Associates

The Company:

Peter Walker Associates Ltd stands as a pioneering independent global consulting firm with robust representation spanning London, Europe, Brazil, the Middle East, China, and India. Committed to aiding its clients in navigating the intricate channels of international trade, PWA paves the way for successful overseas endeavours. Their clientele is diverse, encompassing sectors like pharmaceuticals, aviation, banking, and insurance, but they hold a unique specialization in orchestrating meetings and conferences.


Seeking to delegate the responsibility of their travel booking needs, PWA aimed to align with a professional travel management entity.

The Solution:

Initiating their collaboration by booking a flight for one of PWA’s directors, Good Travel Management and PWA soon expanded their partnership to address PWA’s broader travel requisites. Tasked with arranging numerous grand-scale meetings, seminars, and conferences globally, PWA sought a dependable travel associate to underpin their event successes.

Together, both entities devised a tailored solution to meet PWA’s specific needs. One standout feature is the consolidation of all delegate data, inclusive of personal particulars and individual itinerary details, into a specialized data layout that’s integrated seamlessly into PWA’s infrastructures. This automation eradicates manual data entry, facilitating PWA’s management of any auxiliary requests and maintaining a vigilant eye on delegates throughout the event lifecycle.

Vicki Nutbrown, Good Travel Management’s Business Operations Manager, articulated the collaboration’s essence, stating, “Our association with PWA isn’t confined to mere booking; it’s an active, involved process. We meticulously chart out the optimal options for every delegate, harmonizing with the event schedule, ensuring a coherent, smooth experience from start to finish.”

By interacting directly with PWA’s delegates, Good Travel Management aligns travel plans with the event’s policies, significantly trimming down the administrative workload for PWA and keeping the Event Directors informed in real-time.


PWA’s collaboration with Good Travel Management has culminated in a streamlined process wherein all travel logistics are effortlessly handled, granting PWA the luxury to outsource travel booking and management completely.


Kirsten Lancaster from PWA reflected on their blossoming association, stating, "Our journey with Good Travel Management spans over 3 years, beginning with booking our Directors' flights. Today, they handle over 500 global flights annually for us. Our trust in them has burgeoned, entrusting them with our client delegates’ direct communications. Their efficiency, professionalism, amiability, and adaptability stand unparalleled. Their foresight in anticipating travel challenges, their strategies in ensuring our delegates' journeys are impeccable from inception to conclusion, and the 24-hour helpline are testimonials to their unparalleled service."

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