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Lawyer booking global trips? Are you a team of financial professionals who are supporting their clients across the seas? We have the expertise to optimise your business travel programme.

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As a corporate travel specialist, we understand the importance of accuracy across the board. Every detail of your itinerary must be precisely planned and adhered to, which is where our dedicated travel management team will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. Whether you’re visiting a client overseas, organising an industry event or exploring new markets, we’ll look after your employees and associates every step of the way.

In a world driven by numbers and details, we ensure your travel equation always equals perfection.


Humans backed by tech

Good Travel Management is proud to have a team of passionate travel experts backed by innovative tech. This enables us to provide you and your travellers with key information in real time, which prevents confusion, delays and unwelcome surprises. We also create insightful reports to ensure that everyone is adhering to your travel programme and its unique policies, resulting in a travel management strategy founded on unwavering compliance.

The highest standards as standard

From financial consultants to law firms, we work with a wide range of professional services companies to simplify and enhance their corporate travel strategy. As well as making sure that your travellers have everything they need for smooth and stress-free journeys, we also apply our expansive knowledge of the global travel sector to make each trip an enjoyable one. This involves tailoring your travel to unique preferences and your brand image, with every aspect of your business travel designed around the highest standards and corporate excellence.

A dedicated travel manager

When you choose Good Travel Management, you’re bidding farewell to one-size-fits-all options and faceless customer service. Your dedicated travel manager will remain available at all times to support your crucial travel movements and ensure that all of your needs are seen to in a timely fashion.

Added value with every trip

We believe that every business trip should be exceptional. We make this possible by adding value at numerous points, such as securing you the lowest fares, searching for free upgrades, providing detailed information and expert advice, and focusing on traveller wellbeing at every stage. Whether it’s just the one person travelling to a conference or an entire team coming together for a corporate away day, you can leave all of the planning to us.

Upgrade your corporate travel experience

We’re ready to find out what makes your business tick and create a bespoke travel management strategy that will run like clockwork. To find out more, get in touch with our team today and set up a discovery call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below. Feel free to get in touch with our team directly and we’d be happy to answer any queries you have.

Given the sector’s emphasis on accuracy and adherence to detail, every aspect of the travel itinerary needs to be precisely planned and executed to ensure timely arrivals, meetings, and overall efficiency. Our dedication to precision mirrors the industry’s standards, ensuring optimal results every time.

Our innovative tech supports our human-led approach by providing real-time information, which aids in preventing delays, confusion, and unwelcome surprises. It also helps to ensure everyone adheres to the company’s travel policies, maintaining consistency and compliance throughout the journey.

We generate insightful reports that track and monitor each travel itinerary to ensure strict adherence to your company’s unique travel policies. Our focus on unwavering compliance ensures a seamless travel experience tailored to your company’s standards.

We cater to a wide range, including financial consultants, law firms, and other professional services companies. Our goal is to simplify and elevate their corporate travel experience, ensuring that it aligns with their brand image and professional standards.

We go beyond just booking trips. By securing the lowest fares, seeking out free upgrades, providing comprehensive information, offering expert advice, and emphasising traveller well-being, we ensure that each business trip delivers exceptional value and experience for your employees.

When you partner with Good Travel Management, you will be assigned a dedicated travel manager. This manager will be available to assist with any needs, ensuring timely and personalised service throughout your travel experience.

We apply our expansive knowledge of the global travel sector to ensure each trip is not just efficient but also enjoyable. This involves customising travel to individual preferences and your company’s brand image, guaranteeing every business travel experience reflects the highest standards of corporate excellence.