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General Business Travel Enquiries

Business travel refers to journeys undertaken for work or business purposes, as opposed to leisure travel, which is primarily for relaxation and pleasure. The primary difference lies in the intent of the travel: business travel focuses on professional goals, meetings, or conferences, whilst leisure travel is more about personal relaxation and exploration.

Managing business travel is vital for a company because it ensures that travel budgets are adhered to, risks are mitigated, and the overall travel experience is streamlined for employees. Effective management also guarantees that travel aligns with the company’s objectives and yields a positive return on investment.

A company can optimise its business travel strategy by regularly reviewing and updating its travel policy, leveraging travel management companies like Good Travel Management, using technology to streamline bookings, ensuring compliance, and analysing travel data to identify cost-saving opportunities.

A comprehensive business travel plan includes a clear travel policy, a set budget, preferred vendor agreements, risk management strategies, a process for expense reporting and reimbursement, guidelines for bookings, and a regular reviews to adapt to changing needs.

Good Travel Management offers a range of services tailored to business travel needs, including itinerary planning, travel bookings, policy management, expense tracking, risk management, and strategic consulting to ensure efficient and cost-effective travel experiences.

Ensuring cost-effectiveness in business travels can be achieved by setting and sticking to a travel budget, leveraging corporate discounts, using a travel management company to secure the best rates, booking in advance, monitoring travel expenses regularly, and encouraging employees to adhere to the company’s travel policy.

By managing business travel effectively, a company can expect reduced travel expenses, enhanced employee productivity and satisfaction, increased compliance with travel policies, improved duty of care towards travelling employees, and valuable insights from travel data to inform future decisions.

Travel Policy

A travel policy is a formal document or guideline set by a company that outlines the procedures and parameters for employees to follow when travelling on business. It typically covers areas like booking methods, preferred suppliers, expense reporting, and traveller conduct.

Having a travel policy is crucial for a company as it helps streamline travel processes, ensures cost control, provides clarity to employees on travel procedures, and reduces risks associated with business travel. Moreover, it ensures that the company’s travel practices are consistent and transparent.

A travel policy should be reviewed at least annually. However, it’s advisable to revisit it more frequently, especially if there are significant changes in the company’s structure, travel needs, or external factors like market conditions or global events.

Yes, Good Travel Management can assist companies in formulating a comprehensive travel policy. Their expertise ensures that the policy is tailored to a company’s specific needs while incorporating industry best practices.

A travel policy lays out clear guidelines on bookings, expenses, and traveller conduct. By ensuring employees follow these guidelines, companies can negotiate better rates with suppliers, avoid unnecessary expenses, and streamline the travel process. Compliance with the policy, in turn, ensures that travel is consistent with the company’s objectives and budget.

Key elements to include in a corporate travel policy are:

  • Booking procedures and approved platforms
  • Preferred suppliers (airlines, hotels, car rentals)
  • Expense reporting and reimbursement processes
  • Travel approval processes
  • Guidelines on accommodation, meals, and other allowances
  • Duty of care and safety procedures
  • Policy on leisure add-ons to business trips
  • Procedures in case of travel disruptions

Companies can ensure adherence to the travel policy by:

  • Regularly communicating and training employees on the policy
  • Making the policy easily accessible to all staff
  • Implementing systems that flag non-compliance
  • Regularly reviewing and updating the policy to keep it relevant
  • Encouraging feedback from employees to address any challenges they face
  • Instituting consequences or incentives tied to policy adherence.

Travel Requirements

Good Travel Management offers comprehensive assistance with visa and travel document processing. With a wealth of experience and knowledge of international visa requirements, the team provides guidance on documentation, application procedures, and timelines. Moreover, they can liaise with embassies and consulates on behalf of companies, ensuring that travellers have all the necessary documents in place before embarking on their journey.

Beyond visa and travel document assistance, Good Travel Management offers a range of services designed to ensure a seamless travel experience. These include tailored travel itineraries, 24/7 traveller support, access to exclusive deals and partnerships, personalised travel alerts, and duty of care measures. Additionally, the company has partnerships with global industry leaders, ensuring clients receive top-tier service throughout their journey.

Companies can ensure compliance with international travel requirements by staying informed of global travel regulations, ensuring all employees have up-to-date travel documents, and partnering with travel management companies like Good Travel Management, which provide expert guidance on the latest requirements. Regular training and communications with travelling employees are also essential.

Yes, Good Travel Management provides its clients with regular updates on global travel requirements. Additionally, many governmental and international organisations, such as the IATA and embassy websites, offer up-to-date information on travel regulations. Travellers and travel managers should also consider subscribing to travel advisory notifications for real-time updates.

Good Travel Management prioritises the health and safety of all its travellers. As part of their duty of care, they offer real-time travel alerts, guidance on health precautions for specific destinations, and 24/7 support for travellers. They maintain partnerships with global security and health organisations to ensure they provide the latest advice and support. Additionally, they assist in creating risk management strategies tailored to a company’s travel patterns and needs.


Good Travel Management leverages its longstanding relationships with airlines, partnerships within the travel industry, and advanced booking systems to source competitive flight fares for clients. Furthermore, our extensive experience in the sector allows us to identify the best deals, promotions, and fare structures to ensure maximum savings for your company.

Absolutely. Good Travel Management is equipped to handle complex itineraries, including multi-city flights. Our expert travel consultants will work closely with you to craft a bespoke travel plan that meets your specific requirements while optimising cost and convenience.

Yes, Good Travel Management provides travellers with real-time flight status, updates, and personalised travel alerts. This ensures that travellers are always informed and can make necessary adjustments to their plans, should the need arise.

In the event of flight cancellations or delays, Good Travel Management’s dedicated support team is available 24/7 to provide immediate assistance. We liaise directly with airlines to understand the situation, rebook flights if necessary, and offer alternative travel solutions to ensure minimal disruption to your plans.

Certainly. When booking with Good Travel Management, travellers can specify their preferences, including seating arrangements, meal choices, and any other special requirements. We strive to make sure every journey is as comfortable and personalised as possible, considering the unique needs of each traveller.

Car Rentals

Booking car rentals with Good Travel Management is straightforward. You can make reservations through our online booking platform, which offers a wide range of vehicle options tailored to your needs. Additionally, our dedicated travel consultants are always available to assist you with specific requirements or provide recommendations.

Yes, Good Travel Management has established partnerships with major car rental agencies globally. These relationships ensure our clients receive preferential rates, availability, and flexible terms when booking car rentals.

Absolutely. With our expansive network of partners and our deep understanding of global travel, you can book car rentals in numerous international destinations through Good Travel Management, ensuring a seamless transportation experience wherever your business takes you.

Good Travel Management recommends that companies set clear guidelines or policies for business car rentals, outlining aspects like vehicle types, duration, mileage limits, and expense management. If your company doesn’t have such a policy, our consultants can offer insights and best practices to help create one.

Good Travel Management use advanced travel expense management solutions to track and manage car rental expenses. Clients have access to detailed reports and insights on car rental spending, ensuring transparency and aiding in budget management. Our systems can also integrate with your company’s existing expense tracking tools for a streamlined experience.

Rail Travel

To book rail tickets through Good Travel Management, you can use our user-friendly online booking platform, which provides options tailored to your journey requirements. If you have specific needs or require assistance, our dedicated travel consultants are available to guide you through the booking process and ensure you have a hassle-free experience.

Yes, Good Travel Management offers digital tickets for rail travel where applicable. This option provides travellers with convenience, as they can easily access their tickets on mobile devices, eliminating the need for physical paper tickets.

Good Travel Management leverages its long-standing relationships with rail operators and utilises cutting-edge fare search technology. This allows us to consistently find and offer the most competitive rates and fare options to our clients, ensuring they get the best value for their money.

Absolutely. With our extensive network and expertise in global travel, Good Travel Management enables clients to book rail tickets for international destinations. Whether you’re travelling within Europe or exploring rail networks in other parts of the world, we’ve got you covered.

Yes, for companies that require bulk rail ticket bookings, Good Travel Management can negotiate special rates and discounts through our partners. Our aim is to provide the best value to our clients, ensuring cost-effective and efficient travel solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Group Bookings

Yes, Good Travel Management specialises in managing group bookings for businesses. Whether it’s for a team off-site, a conference, or any other corporate event, we have the expertise and resources to coordinate all travel details efficiently.

Absolutely. Due to our longstanding relationships within the travel industry and our negotiation expertise, Good Travel Management can secure special rates and packages for group bookings, ensuring our clients receive the best value for their investment.

Certainly. At Good Travel Management, we understand that each company has unique requirements. Our team works closely with clients to craft tailored itineraries that align with their objectives, schedules, and preferences, ensuring a seamless travel experience for all participants.

Good Travel Management provides a comprehensive expense management solution. We offer clear and detailed invoicing, track all travel-related expenses, and provide regular reports. This allows businesses to monitor and control costs effectively, ensuring transparency and adherence to budgets.

We provide end-to-end support for group travels. This includes dedicated travel consultants for itinerary planning, 24/7 assistance during the trip, and post-travel support for any feedback or adjustments. Our goal is to ensure that the entire travel process, from booking to return, is smooth and hassle-free for our clients.


Yes, Good Travel Management is proficient in assisting businesses with the organisation of corporate events. Our wide range of services encompasses venue sourcing, travel coordination, and end-to-end event logistics, ensuring your event runs seamlessly.

Yes, Good Travel Management employs a combination of advanced tools and platforms, partnered with our extensive industry knowledge, to aid businesses in finding the ideal venue for their event. Whether you’re looking for a local conference centre or an international retreat location, we have the resources to find the perfect match.

Our team at Good Travel Management works meticulously to handle every facet of event travel logistics. This involves coordinated itinerary planning, real-time travel updates, contingency planning for unexpected changes, and a dedicated support team to address any immediate concerns, ensuring participants reach the event hassle-free.

Absolutely. With our global reach and expertise in both domestic and international travel logistics, Good Travel Management is well-equipped to assist companies in planning and executing successful events, be they local seminars or international conferences.

Good Travel Management employs a robust expense management system tailored for event-related travels. We provide transparent and detailed invoicing, real-time expense tracking, and regular financial reports, enabling businesses to oversee and manage their event budget effectively.

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