Corporate travel management software tailored to your business

We make planning business journeys stress-free by placing a world of travel options at your fingertips.

Harnessing the power of industry-leading tools, your travel team has the authority to manage bookings, oversee costs, and streamline operations with ease.

As a human-led team of travel experts backed by tech, we remove generic systems and provide a bespoke package tailored to your unique and changing requirements. It’s business travel, done better.

Enjoy the freedom of self-service

We have everything you need to book flights, hotels, rail tickets and cars at your convenience. And don’t worry, our team of business travel specialists remain by your side every step of the way. We’ll handle the ticket fulfilment, invoicing and logistics, leaving you free to focus on your trip.

We’re proud to give SMEs access to an expansive network of more than 400 airlines and hundreds of thousands of hotels. And with our automated fare checking, we’re able to monitor whether a better deal has become available and pass the savings on directly to you.

Your one-stop booking platform

We know you’ll love the convenience and customisation options of our hotel booking platform. With direct connections to an extensive range of hotels and accommodation providers, it’s never been simpler to find the right place to rest your head.

No more sifting through countless websites – everything you need is right here and ready to use. This innovative tool offers you the assurance of receiving the best value room rates, every time.

Why Choose Good Travel Management?

On average, we save our customers 13% on each transaction

46% of our clients have been a customer for 5 years or longer

99% of our clients think our business travel consultants are professional and knowledgeable

A member of the prestigious IATA since 1946

Secure and simple payments

We believe that making payments should be straightforward and secure. That’s why we employ the use of virtual credit cards to process your payments for hotels, low-cost carrier flights, and more.

By implementing this system, we help to simplify the burden of expense management. There’s no need for travellers to juggle multiple physical cards, as our virtual solution takes care of it all.

This approach isn’t just a safeguard for your finances, it’s also fully GDPR compliant, keeping your data safe and sound.

Comprehensive travel risk management

Our platform issues real-time security alerts, ensuring you say ahead of potential risks. Its built-in traveller tracking capability, which can be switched on or off, provides added safety by offering real-time location updates.

Tickets and essential documents, like COVID-19 vaccination records, are securely stored. Plus, the direct messaging feature means that you can enhance communication and safety, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page.

When you choose Good Travel Management, corporate travel isn’t just about convenience – it’s about creating a secure environment for you and your team.

Bespoke travel management tailored to your business

24/7 customer support so you have round-the-clock peace of mind

User friendly technology designed to simplify booking travel

Access exclusive rates for airfare, rail, hotels and more

Venue discovery made easy

Organising a meeting or an event? We’ve created a comprehensive venue finder that offers tailored results in an instant.

With just a few clicks, you can explore the best venues based on your desired location, room size, and other specifications. From there, you can easily request a quote or make a booking.

Whether you’re looking for an old favourite or somewhere fresh and exciting, you can trust us to find the best venues for your event, no matter the occasion.

Seamless rail bookings keep you on track

Our rail booking platform is designed specifically for booking UK rail tickets. This tool provides you with the latest availability and fares from all UK train operating companies.

With features like instant bookings, digital tickets for your digital wallet, and more, it’s rail travel for the modern age.

Insightful travel reporting

Our online reporting solution provides a clear view of your travel spending. From identifying who’s booking the most travel to understanding trends in airfare, our system provides invaluable insights that shed light on a wide range of travel factors. Thanks to this data-rich service, you’ll have access to regular reports, enabling you to budget more effectively and make significant savings.

Global travel tailored to the traveller

Our comprehensive platform empowers you to take control of your corporate travel on every level. Simply create your profile and define your preferences, from your favourite airlines to your hotel reward scheme numbers and your ideal seating allocations.

With our intuitive system, your up-to-date information is fully integrated across all of our platforms. The result is a smooth and tailored booking experience that’s uniquely yours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below. Feel free to get in touch with our team directly and we’d be happy to answer any queries you have.

Our software is designed to be bespoke, adapting to the unique and changing requirements of each business. Instead of offering generic systems, we provide packages that specifically cater to your corporate travel needs, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in your bookings.

Our automated fare checking continuously monitors booked flights and accommodations. If a better deal becomes available post-booking, the system identifies it, and we then pass on the savings directly to you.

Virtual credit cards simplify expense management by eliminating the need for travellers to handle multiple physical cards. It’s also a safer method, fully GDPR compliant, ensuring your data remains protected.

Yes, the built-in traveller tracking feature can be toggled on or off based on your preference, ensuring flexibility and privacy when required.

Our comprehensive venue finder allows you to specify your desired location, room size, and other criteria. Within moments, you get tailored results showcasing the best venues that fit your requirements. From there, you can request a quote or directly book a venue.

Our rail booking platform constantly updates with the latest availability and fares from all UK train operating companies. This ensures you always have access to the most recent information, enabling swift and informed booking decisions.

Absolutely! Our commitment is to provide you with round-the-clock peace of mind, no matter the service you’re using. Whether you’re booking a hotel, rail ticket, flight, or searching for a venue, our team is always available to assist and guide you.