What are E-Tickets and how will they benefit my rail journey?

2 min read

Picture the scene, your alarm is ringing around your ears at the crack of dawn and you find yourself scrambling around in the dark trying to put together not only yourself but everything you need for your business trip today. Then it hits you, “Where are my rail tickets?” Followed by a mad panic around your work and laptop bags.

Thanks to the launch of E-ticketing on many rail routes and fares, the time I would normally spend searching for misplaced rail tickets can now be spent grabbing a tall Latte from Starbucks, leaving me safe in the knowledge my rail ticket is now stored on my portable devices.

An E-ticket offers more than just the extra time for a caffeine fix, but an excess of benefits for business travellers from security to flexibility cost to convenience. They also offer the standard assurances of the outdated paper ticket, such as seating choice, travel time options, and other flexibilities.

Rail E-tickets benefits

  • Unlike M-Tickets (Or ‘Mobile tickets), E-tickets are ready to use immediately and do not need to be activated.
  • Once downloaded and stored to your portable device, you do not need an internet connection to access your ticket.
  • E-Tickets are fully transferable from one phone to another
  • Faster and easier, you can purchase your E-Ticket beforehand, no need to queue at the station or ticket machine to purchase.
  • There is no need to queue to collect tickets at the station
  • You can’t lose E-tickets, unlike paper tickets.
  • The tickets for your journey are stored in one place, on your mobile device.
  • By choosing to download your E-Ticket means you don’t need any supporting paper at all, much better for the environment.
  • Unlike buying at the station, you can book ‘advance tickets’ using this method, which means you can save to 70% on your rail journeys.