What is a Marine Offshore Letter of Guarantee?

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A Marine and Offshore letter of guarantee is a document provided by Specialist Travel Management companies to organisations who work within the Marine and Energy Travel sectors. The letter denotes that the holder is an employee of an organisation who are travelling to or from a platform or rig and is therefore permitted to travel.

It provides clearance for further transport to his/her destination and requests that all travel courtesies are extended to him/her.

Top-Tip: A new letter needs to be issued for each trip as it needs to detail the dates of travel & name of the ship/rig they are travelling to.

An Offshore Letter of Guarantee is just the tip of the iceberg for what a specialist Marine and Energy Travel Management Company can provide. In a nutshell, they combine geographical knowledge, expertise, ground support, Visa and Passport services and specialist solutions to serve and support Travel Bookers, Crew Managers and those responsible for booking travel for the Marine and Energy sector.