How to combat loneliness when travelling for business

3 min read

Travelling on business is never easy, even if you are a seasoned road warrior! Long layovers and solo travelling can take its toll, affecting the health and well-being of employees. With this in mind, here are a few suggestions to beat loneliness whilst travelling for business.

Catch up on work in-between

When booking your business travel arrangements make sure you schedule your appointments accordingly, allowing enough time in between each meeting. Not only will this allow you extra time to catch up on any work which may be waiting for you back at home, whilst you are away, but keeping busy will also leave you without time to realise you are even feeling lonely.

Look after your well- being on the road

Your employer should be taking care of you from health, well-being and Duty of Care perspective, but when it comes to you as an individual, make your own personal well-being your priority. Why not treat yourself to a pamper in the hotel spa? or enjoy a nice meal out sampling the delicious local cuisines. Most modern hotels offer gym/pool facilities, mention this to your business travel consultant to ensure you have access to these facilities leaving no time for loneliness when pumping iron!


Taking the time to explore new foreign lands is a great way to beat the boredom! When walking, you can discover sights in much more detail, whilst maybe stopping to talk to a local or two! From recommended tourist attractions, to simply taking in the culture whilst enjoying a refreshing drink, being out and about will definitely pass the time, and who knows? You may find other business travellers to talk to.

Connect with family and friends

Its imperative to stay in touch with family whilst you are travelling abroad. Make sure to tell them about your trip, including the area you are staying and what your plans are for the day. From a social point of view, whether it be a quick text, a FaceTime or simple Skype call, taking the time out of your working day to speak with family or friends will leave not only yourself feeling better, but your family too.

Make the most out of your flight

Travelling long-haul not only opens up a large time frame for you to finish any existing paperwork from your business trip. But a long flight also give you the ultimate “me time” opportunity to sit back and relax. Catch up on an in-flight movie, enjoy a relaxing drink whilst reading a book, or connect with fellow business travellers sat in your row. Make the most out of the time you have to yourself before you have to return back to a busy office.