What is a Traveller Profile and how can it help the business travel booking process?

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A traveller profile is a document that is completed and stored within your Travel Management Company’s (TMC’s) Global Distribution System (GDS). This contains information required by the travel consultant during the booking process. It ensures the consultant can pull correct and up to date information at time of booking.

Using a traveller profile speeds up the booking process, and ensures that all critical data and preferences are applied on every occasion, streamlining the process and saving valuable time. It also helps to prevent the the instance of a particular seat or flight becoming unavailable in the time it has taken for the consultant to contact the traveller for the information required for booking.

So what information can you find on the Traveller Profile Form and how does it help the business travel booking process?

Personal information such as full name, address, passport number and any frequent flyer or corporate reward scheme numbers for the individual are stored on the traveller profile form. But that’s not all, travel preferences, seating requirements and any special dietary requests are kept on there also, ensuring the clients needs and preferences are met every time they book with their travel management company.

A TMC can add, remove and update any of the information stored at any time, helping to keep the most recent data updated regularly. Your Travel Management Company will contact you to update traveller profiles, whether this be through regular Account Management meetings or Operational meetings.

The traveller profile form works exactly the same whether you book your travel services on an online booking tool or offline with a business travel consultant. What’s more is that an Airline can see any relevant contact data in case of cancellations/strikes or important updates to a flight and in many instances will contact the traveller before they contact the TMC, keeping the traveller in the know at all times.

Top Tip:

If you are providing your personal details online to a Travel Management Company ensure they have a SSL Certificate installed on their website, this security provision ensures your information is protected and is safe at all times.