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Too good to be true? Well, let’s just say this is our bread and butter as a team full of analytics and data experts when it comes to optimising, reducing and driving efficiencies into your business travel spend. 

A powerful, data-driven travel strategy that empowers your organisation

A powerful, data-driven travel strategy that empowers your organisation

These levers encompass a range of strategic elements, from optimising booking patterns to leveraging supplier relationships and streamlining travel policies. When you entrust us with your travel data and program details, our team of experts delves deep into every aspect of your travel behaviour.

Through meticulous analysis, we uncover hidden opportunities and pinpoint the precise levers that align perfectly with your business objectives. The result? A powerful, data-driven travel strategy that empowers your organization to make the most of your travel investment, ultimately leading to unprecedented savings and a competitive edge in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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Minimum customer data requirements
(included as standard)

  • Year by year
  • Spend
  • CO2
  • Top destinations
  • Top bookers
  • Travel types
  • Suppliers
  • Reward schemes


LeverSpecifics we measure & reportSelect
Analytix or Power Bi

Traveller Satisfaction

Centrally captured traveller feedback based on mutually agreed areas of focus
Suppliers, overall trip, TMC service
Analytix or Power Bi

Risk Management

Monitoring high-risk travel and performance vs policy
Number of employees on same flight, number of high risk trips

Risk management tool, risk manager can in one place see all employees travelling within a certain time period, can also check local city safe scores and environmental, social and economical status. (LC)

Number of calls to 24 hrs? (AS) Access to GTM Email emergency updates? (AS)
Analytix or Power Bi

TMC Leakage

Capturing all leakage via expense management
Expense management reporting vs travel data

Overall, where are the gaps in travel spend by customer (LC)
Analytix or Power Bi

Meetings & Events

Monitoring ROI of each event vs people/planet/performance
Cost per head, sustainability, ROI on event, group booking discounts
Analytix or Power Bi


Measuring how travel can aid peak performance
Number of days travelling, travel over weekends, class, time zone management, recovery time.


LeverSpecifics we measure & reportSelect
Analytix or Power Bi

CO2 data

Granular trip data provided by industry leading Thrust Carbon
CO2 data for flights & hotels
Analytix or Power Bi


CO2 data for flights & hotels
Via Thrust Carbon integrated into Atriis
Analytix or Power Bi

Sustainable option taken

Reporting when traveller hasn’t chosen the most sustainable travel option
Air vs rail, sustainable hotels
EV Car option taken (AS)
Transfers via an electric vehicle (LC)
Analytix or Power Bi

CO2 based budgets

Set and manage Carbon budgets per traveller or department
Travel programme managed by carbon budget, rather than cost budget


LeverSpecifics we measure & reportSelect
Analytix or Power Bi

Online adoption

Measuring online booking adoption per product type, traveller, dept
% breakdown as determined by customer

Online adoption by product type – also via which tool they are using. (LC)
Analytix or Power Bi

Advanced purchase

Performance of client negotiated fare programme
Nego performance vs our content
Type of ticket – real life savings on Nett / Marine vs published fares (LC)
Analytix or Power Bi

Policy adherence

Performance versus travel policy
Dependent upon rigour of customers travel policy

Approval process and how many tickets /hotels have been issued over the travel policy limits (LC)
Analytix or Power Bi

Hotel attachment

Overnight trips booked without associated accommodation
Leakage reporting on each overnight trip without hotel attached

Additional Door to door products like – ground transportation – parking, car hire and transfers (LC)
Analytix or Power Bi

Trip ROI

Business ROI per trip cost
Flights – type of fare
Hotels – booking source
Rail type – Advance purchase versus flexible? (AS)
Fare types Vs Lead time of purchase (LC)
Analytix or Power Bi

Fare types

Type and source of fare origination
Flights – type of fare
Hotels – booking source
Rail type – Advance purchase versus flexible? (AS)
Fare types Vs Lead time of purchase (LC)

Embrace the future of business travel optimisation.

With our unwavering commitment to understanding your unique needs and our data and analysis-driven approach, GTM is dedicated to transforming your business travel into a cost-effective, value-driven experience that propels your organisation’s success. Embrace the future of business travel optimisation, hand in hand with our seasoned experts and the ’16 Saver Levers,’ and witness a new era of efficiency and savings for your overall organisation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below. Feel free to get in touch with our team directly and we’d be happy to answer any queries you have.

The levers provided by GTM aim to optimise various aspects of business travel, ranging from traveller satisfaction and risk management to CO2 data and online adoption. These strategic elements empower your organisation with a data-driven travel strategy, leading to cost savings and efficient travel management.

Our team of experts conducts an in-depth analysis of your travel data and program details, uncovering hidden opportunities and pinpointing the precise levers that best align with your business objectives. This analysis ensures a powerful travel strategy that maximises your travel investment, leading to unprecedented savings.

The “People” levers target aspects like traveller satisfaction, risk management, meetings & events, and traveller well-being. These levers measure metrics like traveller feedback, ROI of events, the well-being of travellers in relation to their travel schedules, and more to ensure the utmost satisfaction and safety.

Our “Planet” levers emphasise sustainability. They provide granular CO2 data for trips, help in offsetting carbon footprints, report on sustainable travel options chosen (like air vs. rail or electric vehicle transfers), and even allow the management of carbon budgets per traveller or department.

Certainly. The “Performance” levers primarily focus on streamlining travel processes and ensuring cost-effectiveness. They measure metrics like online booking adoption, policy adherence, hotel attachment, ROI per trip, and various fare types to optimise travel strategies and maintain compliance.

The ’16 Saver Levers’ are a comprehensive set of strategic elements that GTM uses to optimise your business travel. These levers span across the categories of People, Planet, and Performance and include metrics like traveller satisfaction, CO2 data, online adoption, and more. Their main goal is to usher in a new era of efficiency and savings for your organisation.

GTM is deeply committed to understanding your unique travel needs. Coupled with our data and analysis-driven approach, we’re continuously evolving our strategies to meet the future demands of business travel. By collaborating with our seasoned experts and leveraging the ’16 Saver Levers,’ you’re ensuring a future-ready, cost-effective, and value-driven business travel strategy.